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  1. Rob TX Edel E-2 Torque Balanced putter Frontline 4.0
  2. Rob in Leander, TX Swing Speed with driver 105mph Playing Callaway Superhot currently Preference: Tour X
  3. Rob in Leander, TX Swing Speed - 95 mph I play the Titleist AVX I've found some Snell Golf balls on our local course and tried them out intermittently, but have never seen them in the local store or purchased any.
  4. Rob Texas, USA Handicap Index - 11.6 Used to use Game Golf Live, but tapping the handle of the golf club against the device on my waist was hard to remember. Loved the information it gave me, as well as the ability to find the right distances for all of my clubs, but it was too cumbersome to use. Would LOVE to use a system that was "handsfree" with instant feedback. Early adopter and tech savvy with iPhone.
  5. Rob from Texas I currently use a Garmin S7 rangefinder as well as a Bushnell laser. Looking for a laser that can combine both.
  6. Rob/TX Titleist Vokey SM6 54 and 58 Strengths - short chips Weaknesses - longer chips, pitches, full wedge shots. Hit both fat and thin - not sure I have the right bounce for my conditions. Usually play from tight lies, hard ground. HCP 13 - could be a lot better if my short game improved.
  7. Rob from Texas Current putter - MacGregor Bobby Grace M6.4K 34" Preferred Odyssey O-Works model/color - O-Works Black #2M CS 34"
  8. Rob, Texas TaylorMade M1, Fujikura Speeder 661 Evolution Stiff 98 MPH, 240yds Twitter: @rlringlerjr ; Facebook: Rob Ringler ; Instagram: robringler Your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram names iPhone 6S
  9. 1. Rob, Texas 2. 13.2 handicap index 3. TaylorMade M1 driver with Fujikura Speeder 661 Evolution shaft, Stiff 4. 96-97 MPH swing speed, 230-240 carry 5. Favorite Callaway Staffer - Patrick Reed
  10. Rob Leander, TX 10 Ping ISI, stiff shafts
  11. Rob Ringler Leander, TX Handicap 14 Driver swing speed 90
  12. Still enthusiastic about being a tester. Rob Ringler, Texas Handicap index 14.2 Currently use GameGolf 2 and GolfShot.
  13. Rob Ringler 15 HCP TX Current putter is Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2
  14. Rob Ringler, Leander, Texas. Handicap 15. I've never had this type of fitting before, so I'd pick the clubs that the fitting indicated were best for me and my game. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.
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