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  1. Thanks for the pool. Entered and currently tied for first. (Gotta take the wins as they come).
  2. I'm in, currently tied for first. Its all downhill from here. Team: Cold in Canada Thanks MGS
  3. I won a set of Lamkin Sonor Mid grips and found I really like them Prior to them the fitter had said that I should have jumbo based on my hand side but I found them too large. So part of my like is due to them being a better size than my last grips. I had Sonor installed again when I bought new irons this year and will stick with them for the next set too. They stay really tacky even after a few seasons. They get about 50-60 rounds a year (including 4 months indoor golf during our inifinite winter here in Saskatchewan).
  4. Winning Score: -12 Tier 5 Pat Perez
  5. Clinton/Regina Rangefinder and GPS Rangefinder:Coolshot 80i VR Rangefinder GPS: Garmin S6
  6. First Name/State or Country: Clinton/Canada Handicap:15 Have you ever used a putting training device before :Yes, simple putting cup, callaway narrow mat, putting wheel. Metal yardstick (to putt on top of to practice allignment.
  7. My tie breaker total combined scores of both teams: 66 points.
  8. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Francesco Molinari TIer 3: Xander Schauffele Tier 4: Haotong Li Tier 5: Ryan Fox Winning Score: -12
  9. 1) Clinton 2) Saskatchewan Canada 3) 20 4) Garmin S6 for distance tracking.
  10. Clinton, Saskatchewan 1) Garmin Approach S6 (Always) 2) One of my buddies Bushnell Rangefinders with slope (Occasionally)
  11. Clinton Saskatchewan/Canada Taylor made/Speed Blade stock Steel +1”, +1/2 degree/Regular 150yds Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. Clinton Thomas 57 Saskatchewan Canada Inconsistent fairway wood and iron striking both with a slice.
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