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  1. Mike Specht 56 Princeton,MN Pushes, Pulls with my irons and a lack of distance with the driver.
  2. Mike Specht MN USA 14.5 Taylormade Rsi2 4-PW Kbs Reg flex
  3. VICE Pro Soft review by Mike Specht The golf balls arrived on my doorstep a few days after I was notified that I had been chosen to do a review. I promptly opened the box and grabbed a sleeve of balls, I dumped one out into my hand and immediately thought I had received an unfinished product... The finish of the ball was flat matte white and I believed they had missed a step in the finishing process. Heading to the computer I pulled up the Vice website and here is what I found. "Thanks to tiny silicate particles in the clear lacquer, the VICE PRO SOFT is the first matte finished cast u
  4. Handicap: 14.5 Strength: Iron distance Weakness: Pushes and Pulls Ball flight: Normal height, straight or slight draw. Typical miss: Pushed right. Ball: Callaway Chrome Soft Tempo: Fast Swing speed: 90 Started playing golf in my 20's with three friends, we played a round together every weekend in the summer at dawn. I played the game for three and a half years before I broke 100, shooting a 93 on a par 73 course. I have been playing the game for about 30 years. I play in every tournament I can get lined up during our short golf season here in Minnesota. Driver: Ping G 9° Reg flex 3 Wood: Ping
  5. 50+ Rounds per year 14.5 Handicap Taylormade Rossa Monza Spyder 32"
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