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  1. Thanks for sharing. I am The Green Fee. I saw this on the USGA list a couple of weeks ago. I posted the original article then I found the driver on the Callaway Japan website. Like I said in my article the use of Carbon Fiber is interesting for sure. Callaway has been known to release midcycle light weight drivers
  2. I took it out and hit the practice green with it. The ball is soft. Not Callaway Super Soft soft but soft. I didnt get the same check out of the ball as I did the MG c4 Top Flite Gamer Tour or the Project a which leads me to believe this is not urethane. It did seem to check more than a velocity or the new Trusoft so I think its probably the new NXT
  3. I got them. I dont think its the AVX. They wouldnt send out a test of a released golf ball. Its probably the new NXT or even a Velocity. About time for a refresh
  4. I dont look at the tee color or even where it falls in the order. I like to play at 6500 yrds. A decent amount of challenge. The problem I face is when they artifically make the course long by offering a 200 yard par 3. Then all the 5s are 430
  5. I just hope he can stay back. I got excited once dammit
  6. Not much makes me happier than seeing Big Stu liked my post hahaha
  7. I think it would be fun but for the rare times i do play in a tournament I want everyone to be using the same equipment. I also dont want ot use a hot faced driver then turn around and in competition use my regular driver.
  8. My biggest thing was the tour gate. I couldnt believe it. http://www.innovativesportsllc.com/tour-gate/ I reviewed it on my blog
  9. I had the SNSR and it gave that large grip benefit with the feel of rubber. Be careful though it is very heavy
  10. Title IX is a weird rule when it comes to collegiate sports. I believe in title 9 and like the rule of Womens Scholorships should be equal to mens. I also believe if the mens team is getting a benefit the womens team should get this as well My biggest issue with Title IX is the fact women dont have a scholorship equivalent of men. There is no women's sport that will cause 85 scholarships in one pop. This has really affected a lot of smaller mens sports. I think we should exempt football since a womens equivalent in scholarships doesnt exist
  11. Also who runs off with a $100 putter?!?!?! Thats the golf equivalent of an adult stealing a candy bar
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