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  1. Thanks for sharing. I am The Green Fee. I saw this on the USGA list a couple of weeks ago. I posted the original article then I found the driver on the Callaway Japan website. Like I said in my article the use of Carbon Fiber is interesting for sure. Callaway has been known to release midcycle light weight drivers
  2. I took it out and hit the practice green with it. The ball is soft. Not Callaway Super Soft soft but soft. I didnt get the same check out of the ball as I did the MG c4 Top Flite Gamer Tour or the Project a which leads me to believe this is not urethane. It did seem to check more than a velocity or the new Trusoft so I think its probably the new NXT
  3. I got them. I dont think its the AVX. They wouldnt send out a test of a released golf ball. Its probably the new NXT or even a Velocity. About time for a refresh
  4. I dont look at the tee color or even where it falls in the order. I like to play at 6500 yrds. A decent amount of challenge. The problem I face is when they artifically make the course long by offering a 200 yard par 3. Then all the 5s are 430
  5. I just hope he can stay back. I got excited once dammit
  6. Not much makes me happier than seeing Big Stu liked my post hahaha
  7. I think it would be fun but for the rare times i do play in a tournament I want everyone to be using the same equipment. I also dont want ot use a hot faced driver then turn around and in competition use my regular driver.
  8. My biggest thing was the tour gate. I couldnt believe it. http://www.innovativesportsllc.com/tour-gate/ I reviewed it on my blog
  9. I had the SNSR and it gave that large grip benefit with the feel of rubber. Be careful though it is very heavy
  10. Title IX is a weird rule when it comes to collegiate sports. I believe in title 9 and like the rule of Womens Scholorships should be equal to mens. I also believe if the mens team is getting a benefit the womens team should get this as well My biggest issue with Title IX is the fact women dont have a scholorship equivalent of men. There is no women's sport that will cause 85 scholarships in one pop. This has really affected a lot of smaller mens sports. I think we should exempt football since a womens equivalent in scholarships doesnt exist
  11. Also who runs off with a $100 putter?!?!?! Thats the golf equivalent of an adult stealing a candy bar
  12. My best was from 150 out. There was a high school team practicing in front of me so it was a SLOW round. Hit a beautiful 8 iron. The 2 kids in front heard it hit the pin turn around threw their hands in the air and screamed " ITS IN!!! IT WENT IN!!!!!!!!"
  13. I have a set of JPX 800 pros. 3 and 4 are Hybrids and the set goes to 9 so its 3,4 H and 5-9. Dynamic gold XP s300 shaft in the irons. Stock s flex in the hybrids. Good condition 215 shipped? FJ Icons 9.5 white and black $65
  14. I bought the Superstroke S-Tech and they crumbled after a month of use. I emailed them and they sent me new ones. I am currently using those but will probably go with Pures the next time.
  15. Ole- I can see how that argument would be made. A lot of people tend to line up CS putters left. Which is where I was missing for the most part. I can say though the Seemore is for all intents and purposes a CS model as well and I do fine with it.
  16. I hear you on the wedges but a thing I have started to do is buy my local PGA Super Store's demo wedges. Since there isnt any sand or grass to hit off of the faces almost always look and play great. The other reason is people dont hit a ton of wedges in a simulator. I bought 2 Ping Glides for 45 dollars each. They looked beat up but i could tell it was about 10 ball marks on the face. I hit them with a wet rag. They were good as new
  17. I think its a factor for sure. I did feel I was pulling putts with the Cleveland on the shorter lengths. Im more than willing to admit its probably an indian not an arrow situation but the Arrow seems to just work a little better with the Seemore on the short ones.
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