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  1. ​​I play around 60+ rounds per year during a 6-7 month season. ​My current handicap is 24.5. My average number of putts per round is 2-2.5 ​My putter is a Scotty Cameron Kombi Select, 33" shaft, 25g weights, toe and heel
  2. Questions: 1. Have you purchased any golf products based on MyGolfSpy reviews? (Please list which ones.) ​Precision Pro rangefinder with 8x magnification 2. How has MyGolfSpy changed the way you think about golf equipment? ​I often check MyGolfSpy first to see if they have reviewed the equipment I'm interested in purchasing. I also like to see what others have to say about the equipment. I like the idea that reviews are not influenced by the manufacturers. This gives more credence to reviews in my opinion. 3. Have these purchases lowered your scores? (List which products and how much they have lowered your scores.) Yes! ​Precision Pro Latitude rangefinder. The Nexus was tested but at purchase I opted for the 8x which I really like. I had a GPS watch but found that I prefer the accuracy of the rangefinder best. My scores have improved10-20 strokes now that I can measure the distance exactly. On the greens I take my distance to the pin and then allow for roll to it. Since I've started using the rangefinder I find that my estimate of distances has improved greatly even when I don't break out the rangefinder. I started out trying to estimate distances and then see what the rangefinder would tell me. Now I often trust what my eye sees a lot more than before I bought the rangefinder. 4. How have these purchases helped you enjoy the game more? How? Who couldn't be excited by seeing their GIR's improve leading to more pars and birdies and in turn seeing their scores drop. Mine has been dropping steadily in the last two and a half months. I had been shooting in the low 100's and then the 90's and now this week my last two scores have been in the 80's! As you can tell, I'm always pushing myself to improve. I love to be challenged. For me, that's where the fun is in playing golf. I'm just finishing my 2nd summer season at a regulation 18 hole Municipal course. I love playing as much as I can. I find that good equipment is very important to my enjoyment of the game.
  3. Carol Colorado 28.4 Avid golfer: Yes! My 2016 Goal: Shave 20-30 strokes off my average score this season and lower my handicap at least 10 points following an off-season shoulder injury. Started the season at a 34 handicap. I've made it from the 120's into the 90's so far. I know my clubs and their ranges and would love to test an accurate Rangefinder on the way to meeting my goal!
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