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  1. Peter A. - Falmouth, MA I have not used a hitting net but have contemplated purchase as the time savings over going to the range would be considerable.I haven't use a personal launch monitor, largely because of expense. But that seems to be changing and for the good of consumer wallets. Hope I can change both elements to the better of my golf game!
  2. As the home of Titleist is a hop and and a skip away from my locale on the Cape, how could I not jump on this offer? Peter from Falmouth, MA Currently gaming an old Tour Edge Exotics - Stiff shaft - 9 degree loft Handicap - 10 Swing speed - Unknown - Carry on drives typically 240 to 250 Tsi3
  3. The first set of irons I ever played with were Wilson a classic forged iron Wilson Staff Fluid Feel DynaPower forged irons. It is time to see how these venerable and iconic irons compare to Wilson's latest player irons! Happy to help in this evaluation effort! Current irons: Titleist AP2 714 Peter - Waquoit, MA 02536 10 handicap
  4. A 10 handicap ALWAYS seeking out the best ideas and equipment. Currently gaming Scotty Cameron Circa 62 #2.. Cape Cod, Massachusetts
  5. Peter Allenby - 61 years young! East Falmouth, Massachusetts Inconsistent ball striking leading to missed greens from the damn fairway! Help me out Chuck! This will be fun!
  6. Peter Falmouth, MA on Cape Cod 10 handicap Current Irons: Titleist 714 AP2 4-PW Stiff shaft KBZ Love to see if Ping has what it takes to unseat my Titleist irons!!
  7. Peter - Waquoit, MA Handicap: 10 , NEVER have used a GPS watch! And as for a shot tracking system? Nope. Nada. Hasn't happened...yet! The perfect test subject brings NO BIAS to the table..That would be....me...!!
  8. Peter - Cape Cod, MA Handicap - 10 Driver: Srixon Z765 - 9.5 - shaft to be determined Fairway Metal Srixon F765 - 13.5 degree - shaft to be determined Hybrid Srixon - H765 - likely equivalents of 3 and four wood - shafts to be determined Srixon Irons - Z765 4-9 irons hafts to be determined Cleveland RTX3 - 48,, 54, 60 shafts to be determined Putter - Cleveland TFI 21.35 Elevado 34 inch length
  9. Peter - Cape Cod, Massachusetts Tour Edge 9 degree stock shaft - stiff driver swing speed - 98
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