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  1. I was a Gamegolf Live user for years and it worked well for most of that time. However, shortly before the Game Golf Pro came out, courses in my area started disappearing from their database for no apparent reason. I purchased the GG Pro with the intro pricing, hoping that it would be an improvement over the original. A friend of mine also purchased a set and had so many issues, after trying it for a couple of rounds, that I decided to not even take the GG Pro tags out of the box. I sold them to someone and got my money back. From what I've seen Arccos is a much more developed tagless system, so I may consider going that route at sometime in the future. I really do enjoy seeing my stats but it's not worth the hassle if it's that buggy.
  2. Maybe you need to carry a second driver in your bag at all times, just so the Srixon knows it has a little competition. haha
  3. I currently play the Accra TZ5 which is extremely low spin/low launch (I had to add loft to my driver) from what I've seen. It doesn't feel that boardy but is very stable. I also tried the TZ6 which launches a little higher and spins slightly more, but feels great. They are both great shafts to try.
  4. When I'm on the range, I'm usually either working on something specific in my swing until it feels comfortable or working on hitting the ball to targets. I also spend a lot of time working on half wedge shots because this can be a weakness in my game if I don't practice it enough. One thing I like to do on the practice green, that has helped me a lot, is to set up a 9 hole putt putt course. I play each hole as a par 2 and work on how well I can shoot. I feel like this routine has helped me when I play real rounds because I'm putting the same pressure to score on myself, when I practice this way, and try to avoid 3 putts.
  5. Good to know. I usually carry my phone in my pocket, so it never occurred to me that the watch wouldn't use it's internal GPS. I know I upgraded from the Apple Watch 2 to the 4 about 6 months ago and saw a huge increase in battery life as a result. For instance, when I go on runs, using the internal GPS of the watch, the Apple Watch 4 only uses about a quarter of what the Apple Watch 2 used for the same run.
  6. While it still won't match a "golf watch" like the Garmin, the newest Apple Watch 4 has a really great battery life compared to previous models. A typical round will only use about 20% of the battery life.
  7. I've personally been using Game Golf for quite a few years, but have always dealt with some bugs. I also don't use it every round because I sometimes find it distracting when I'm really trying to focus. I end up looking at my phone way to often to make sure it caught every stroke correctly and my mind drifts off when this happens. A friend of mine just got Arccos and I'm playing with him on Sunday, so I'm going to see how it works for him and possibly consider switching to that if it works better, but I feel like all these systems are somewhat buggy. We'll see how it goes for him.
  8. Thanks everyone! My son Connor is going to be ridiculously excited to try the new sticks out. Hopefully they fit him well. I'm excited to watch him swing them!
  9. I solved my left driver misses in one golf lesson, but it took a lot of work after that to change my swing. I still play my driver as flat as I can, with the weight in the toe, but it's very rare for me hit one left anymore after the swing change. I think the club can only help so much. Good luck! I know how much those left misses can kill your tee game.
  10. A few months ago, I took the route of getting custom fit for my entire bag and have seen my scores drop because of that, but for me it's still not enough. I've also taken a few lessons from some coaches in my area that have helped me improve some swing faults but I've still been looking for a place were I feel confident in their teaching methodology. Enter Golftec. I recently did a swing analysis during the grand opening of a new Golftec in my area. I was impressed with the instructor and the technology they utilize to analyze your swing, enough so, that I signed up for a 6 month 15 lesson plan, at a 20% discount because they just opened. It will allow me to utilize one of their 4 rooms to practice as well. I'm looking forward to seeing where I can get in the next 6 months. I know there will probably be times where I will get frustrated with some of the changes they are trying to make and my scores may struggle because of that, but if they can get me where I want, when it's all said and done, it will definitely be worth it.
  11. Those shoes are sweet! It was really hard not to pull the trigger on them but I have way too many golf shoes as it is. Maybe I can just take a sharpie and color some stars and stripes on my current shoes. haha
  12. I personally like to have my driver at 45" and choke up when I need a more accurate shot. That leaves me the option grip it at 45" when I have and wide open fairway and want to hit a bomb (that may be a bit offline (okay, a lot))..... Now that I think about it, I should probably get mine cut down as well, so I'm not tempted to play it at 45 inches. Forget everything I said before this!
  13. 1) Chad Hershberger, Mt. Pleasant, SC 2) Connor, 12 3) Callaway Fusion driver and 5 wood, Pinemeadow PGX (knock off set) irons and hybrids 4) Profile SGI Teen 5) Connor is tall for his age which helps him hit some bomb balls when he catches the middle of the face. He's 12 and he's already 5'7". He's also using men's clubs that probably don't fit him that well. I'd love to see if a set like this would help his budding game.
  14. I'm going with my entire current set. This is the first set of clubs I was completely fitted for and they are seem to fit my game so well.
  15. I'm taking a lesson tonight from a local pro that my wife got me a gift certificate for back at Christmas. He's supposed to be really good but he also charges $180 for an hour lesson, so I'm hoping I will get plenty out of it. I'm also playing Saturday at a really nice course I've never played before, so I won't have much time to work on anything he teaches me tonight. I may have to just stick with my current swing on Saturday and then work on any swing changes after that.
  16. The new Kirkland gloves have become my new go to glove. They are really comfortable, with a thin, but grippy material that allows me to feel the club really well. Durability has been great so far as well. Not bad for how cheap they sell them for.
  17. Thanks! I have no issues buying into something if I think it will work. The amount of money I spent for my custom fit clubs at Club Champion a couple of months ago are a testimony to that. They to have an expensive business plan that I also bought into, but I'm already seeing massive improvements from my fit. I'm obsessed with getting my scores consistently in the 70s and a consistent lesson plan seems like the logical next step to get me there.
  18. We just had a new Golftec open up near my house and I'm considering doing the swing analysis. Have you done the lesson plan from them and had positive results?
  19. Just wanted to post a quick update after having these new clubs in the bag for a couple of months now. I have to say I couldn't be happier with how they are performing. The longer I have them, the better I seem to hit them. They are already bringing my scores down significantly. The only club I'm still not sure about is the putter they fitted me to. I've been experimenting with some different putters and trying to figure out if I want to go a different direction, but there isn't a single other club in the bag that I'm interested in replacing. Everything is performing exactly like they should be. Getting fitted at Club Champion is definitely one of the best decisions I've made.
  20. I switched from Stiff to X-Flex about 3 months ago after a fitting at Club Champion. I'm loving the feeling of stability I'm getting with the new shafts. I've also picked up distance, but that could just be because I'm striking the ball so much better.
  21. Man, I wish I could get my neighbors to come over and landscape my yard for me! Think about how much more time I'd have to play golf! Haha, just kidding! That's an odd one.
  22. This is one of the reasons I paid a premium to get my clubs built by Club Champion with the exact specs from my fitting. I don't trust the OEMs to get the swingweight correct.
  23. I would like the Veteran and the Hole in 1 badges added please. Thanks!
  24. One of the primary reasons I chose to purchase through Club Champion was because I didn't trust the OEM to get the swing weights correct. I seem to make better contact when the swing weights are at least D9 or higher. When Club Champion builds your clubs they will use things like tip weights to get the swing weight perfect. Some OEMs, like Ping, will most likely build to the exact spec you want but most of the OEMs will either tell you they can't do that or they will mess it up. I was also intrigued by the fact that CC pures all their shafts. That is something OEMs don't offer. As for loft and lie, OEMs will often mess that up as well, but you can easily take your clubs somewhere and get them checked/bent when that happens.
  25. I really want to see Ricky win his first. It's tough though because he never seems to finish strong.
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