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  1. So, I ended up playing 13 holes last night and the one thing I can confirm as that I hit both Chromesofts the shortest of the bunch with my driver. I was significantly longer with the Bridgestone BX and both Titleist Pro V balls. I'm torn right now between the 3 but I"m leaning towards the Bridgestone. I really liked how it performed off my irons.
  2. I'm going play 9 tonight and do some ball testing for myself. I'm going to compare the ProV1, ProV1X, Brigestone Tour BX, and both types of Callaway Chromesofts to first see if the Chromesofts are that much shorter, and then to see which of the other 3 balls performs the best for me off the driver, mid irons, and wedges. For reference, I swing my driver around 110 and just based on my short game practice with each ball I actually prefered the clicky feel of the Bridgestone balls off the wedges and putter. If it performs well off the longer clubs, it might be my new ball.
  3. I used Callaway CS for the club testing which is normally what I use on the course. After seeing the results of the ball test I may be switching to a new ball in the near future though. I'm debating trying both the Bridgestone BX and the Snell MTB-X and seeing how they perform in comparison. They will let you use your own balls if you bring them.
  4. For me, having the right golf shoes is critical. I have went through quite a few shoes the last couple of years trying to find the right one. I now have the True Linkswear True Majors and play so much better when I'm wearing them. I've actually went to the range to to test if I hit the ball better with them vs other shoes. I rotated through 4 different pairs of golf shoes and every time I put the True Majors back on my ball striking instantly improved. It's probably all in my head but they just make my footwork and balance so much better.
  5. I was actually fitted into blades recently. The fitter had me try a ton of different cavity back styles but every time we came back to the blades. My dispersion and ball striking improved. For some reason they make me feel more confident that I'm not going to hit them left, than a chunkier piece of metal with more offset. Because of this I have a tendency to swing more free and fluid with them and actually increase my clubhead speed when hitting them. My final choice was the Titliest 718 mbs, but I could have went with any of the mbs and been fine.
  6. I did a driver fitting at Club Champion a couple of weeks ago. Once the fitter found the best shaft for me in my current TS3 head, he did everything he could to beat numbers I was getting from the TS3 and failed. The EPIC Flash SZ, Cobra F9, Taylormade M5, and a few other heads all failed to give me what I get from the Titleist TS3. For me, it is definitively the best driver on the market.
  7. I played 18 yesterday with my Club Champion fitted shaft, Accra TZ5, and saw similar results. It was one of the best driving days I've ever had. It's definitely worth the investment to get fitted.
  8. I know there have been countless discussions on this but I just pulled the trigger and went through a full bag fitting and wanted to give my two cents. Myself and a good friend scheduled the fitting at one of their newer locations in Hilton Head Island, SC, about two hours from my house. Walking in the door, both my fitter, James, and my friends fitter were extremely energetic and enthusiastic which gave me good vibes before we even started. The fitting began with him asking what I wanted to get out of the fitting. I explained that irons and my 3 wood were my two biggest issues. I have a tendency to hit my irons left on every green, sometimes even left of the green, and I'm really inconsistent with my 3 wood. I started warming up with my 8 iron on the trackman and finally started taking full swings. He came and watched me hit the last couple of balls and noted that I have plenty of swing speed but my current non-fitted irons are launching and spinning too much. I hit my current 6 iron (Epic Pro) and was consistency hitting the ball left with not enough distance. He started me out with the Apex Pro head and had me try different shafts. I got the best results from the KBS $Taper shaft in X-Stiff flex. The heavier weight of the shaft just felt better in my hands and I started swinging faster. The Apex Pro head was 10 yards further carry than the Epic Pro. I also mentioned to him that when I was shooting my best scores I was using blades. He put the Callaway Apex MB head on the shaft and I instantly picked up another 5 yards carry with better dispersion. He had me try a few more cavity backs but none of them gave me as good of numbers. He then started having me try different muscle back heads until we settled on the Titleist 718 MBs which performed slightly better than the Callaways. Then he started tweaking the loft and lie of the head until we got the ball flight we were looking for. We settled on 2 degrees strong and 2 degrees flat. I went 6-PW in the MBs and went with a CB 5 iron. Next was the wedges and he asked if I like to match the wedges to the irons, which I do. So we grabbed the Titleist SM7 heads and he had me take full swings with the 50 degree, which were solid and half swings with the 54 and 58 degree. He checked my turf interaction with a lie board and we settled on the right grinds/bounce. He also let me try his SM7 wedge with a heavier swingweight and I loved the feel, so went with that swingweight. The putter fitting was after the wedges and didn't take very long. They used SAM putt lab to analyze my stroke with my current putter (a Toulon) and it showed that I'd be better off with a putter with a different neck and less toe hang. After trying a few putters, I really liked the Bettinardi Queen B #10 and the SAM putt lab showed that I had a much better stroke with that head and a half inch shorter shaft. Their putter fitting is probably one of their weaker areas though as they only have a limited number of putters to try from each manufacturer. I'm not sure why they don't have a better selection, but I am happy with what they fitted me into. Then we moved back to the fitting bays to test some drivers. First, I tried my current driver and was hitting it more inconsistent then I normally do, but I did have a great strike on my fourth and final swing which showed what I was capable of with my current combo. I had decent ball speed on that one but my spin was too high (2800). The mishits before that were all in the 3000s. I play the Titleist TS3 so he was able to try several shafts in that head. The Accra TZ5 65 ended up being the winning shaft and brought my spin down considerably (almost a little too much). We tried that shaft in several other heads but nothing could beat what I was getting out of the TS3 head. He then took the TS3 and adjusted the loft a bit higher and I got even better numbers. In the end, I was hitting it about 15 yards further than my current driver because I could launch it higher with lower spin. The 3 wood was next. I took some swings with my 3 wood (Titleist TS3) and the distances were very inconsistent. He then tried a few different shafts until we put the Fujikura Ventus in and just like that I started smashing shot after shot the same distance every time. My average carry was 17 yards longer than my best strike with the old shaft. He asked if I wanted to try any other heads and I said I was really happy with this combo, so we stopped there. Finally we took a look at my ancient Callaway Alpha 815 hybrids. I was hitting them well but they were going more left then I liked. We started with the Callaway Apex19 Hybrids with the Accra TZ5 95 shafts I fell in love with the ball flight and feel. They seemed to fit me so much better than my old hybrids. We tried a few different shafts but the Accra's were the best. I was getting about 10 yards more carry out of them with a higher ball flight. After this, I went and watched my friend finish his fitting while they worked up the numbers on everything they recommended. I knew the price was going to be high from reading these forums. All told the clubs and shafts came to about $5300. This includes puring of all the shafts and setting up the clubs to the specs (swingweight, loft, lie, etc.) that I had when I tested. I almost just told them I was going to think about it, so I could get them built elsewhere, but then I decided that it was worth it to me to get them built correctly, and knowing that I had the right clubs would help me stop my golf impulse buying ways whenever my clubs start misbehaving. All the swingweights he fitted me to were very heavy compared to normal and I want to know that I'm going to have those specs on the course. Could I have just gotten everything with specs close to that for a much cheaper price and probably played really well with them. Most likely yes, but I would always wonder if I could have done better. I spent the money 4 days ago and I have no buyers remorse. The point is that you can go in and get a great fitting and buy your clubs elsewhere but if you have OCD about it like I do, you'll probably end up spending a little cash. Overall, I'm as happy as I can be with this fitting and would recommend it to anyone.
  9. I play mine with the titanium sole plate and the weights set in the fade position. I get low spin with high launch. It also the most anti-hook driver I've tried which keeps it in the bag. I tried several drivers last year, with the longest being the EPIC SZ, but I hit the Triton so much straighter and consistent. Golf is much easier when you can keep your drives in play. I like the heavier swingweight of the titanium plate which is why I went that option. The Triton plays at D8 with my configuration but I love it, especially for the $75 I spent on it. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. I picked up a brand new Wilson Triton on Monday for $75 at Dick's Sporting Goods. I put it in play Wednesday and hit it better than any driver I've used this year. It wasn't the longest I've hit but it was the straightest and most consistent. Hitting approach shots from the fairway or light rough is a lot easier than the trees for some reason.
  11. I had no interest in the Wilson Triton but I was in Dick's Sporting Goods a few days ago and they had them brand new on the clearance rack for $75. For that price, I couldn't resist. After hitting it on the range exceptionally well yesterday, I took a sick day from work today to try it on the course with a buddy. I had one of my best driving days of the year. I didn't hit it longer than anything else I've had in the bag, but it was the most consistent driving I might have ever had. It seems to be anti-hook for me which I love and I found so many fairways. I may have found my new gamer for $75! Great driver!!
  12. chershey

    Ping G400

    So, just to update everyone on the problem I had above, my fitter sent the head back in for repair and it came back a couple of weeks later with a new tungsten tab installed. So far I've hit a ton of balls with it and I've had no issues. I ordered it with the Tour 65 shaft but didn't like the dispersion I was seeing. My fitter let me try it with a Speeder VC 7.2 TS he had in the fitting room and it was night and day. With the Speeder shaft I'm hiting long straight bombs that carry forever. He traded me the shaft for free to help with my troubles. If anyone lives in the Charleston, SC area I highly recommend you go to David Ayres Lowcountry Custom Golf to get fitted for any clubs or get any club work done. They are the most knowledgeable people in the area and really care about helping you out.
  13. I've played with plenty of those types. A friend of mine invited a guy on a golf trip recently that claimed to a 5 handicap. There were 4 of us on the trip. As someone who drifts between and 8 and 9 handicap I figured he'd be pretty good. He did hit some really good shots but also hit some shots off the planet. He had no idea how to take a proper drop when he lost his ball and would usually end up just giving himself a drop in the fairway. His short game was all over the place. If his putt was within 10 feet, he normally just gave himself a gimme We played four rounds. In the first 2 rounds he shot around a 90 and I shot my typical 80 even with his misunderstanding of the rules. After that, we switched to a 2 man captains choice format for the final two rounds so we didn't have to listen to him complain about the courses not being fair and hearing him losing his temper. On one particular par 4 he hooked his 3 wood left and proceeded to slam his club into the ground on tee box until he'd made a hole about 5 inches deep. He was really pleasant (not at all) to play with for 3 days if you can imagine.
  14. While I kind of understand your logic, I also like to think about how far a club goes if I hit it a little harder or softer and how the ball reacts when I do that. For instance, I hit my gap wedge 110 and my PW 125, but I will often play my PW at 110 if I want to finesse the ball in to the hole and not produce as much spin. On the other end of the spectrum, I can swing a little harder at my wedge and get 130 out of it with more spin when I need to. To me, it would be better to write these type of things down in a book you carry, so you can consider all the distances and spin/flight possibilities of each club. I don't like to lock myself into saying "I hit this club this distance."
  15. chershey

    Ping G400

    So, I picked up my Ping G400 LS driver on Saturday about a month after I ordered it. I had heard the LS heads were backordered for some reason and that some were being recalled. I hit it on the range Monday and Tuesday with no issues. Today, I took it back to the range, and after a few swings the glued in tungsten tab fell out and was nowhere to be found. I'm starting to understand why there was a recall and it took so long for the heads to ship. Ping has an issue here.
  16. The Srixon Z-Star XV is a great ball for a cheaper price that would probably give you what you need. I prefer the Taylormade TP5 myself. I've been using that ball for a few rounds now and I'm seeing great numbers off the driver with excellent spin around the greens. I tried the TP5x as well but that one seem to spin a little too low for me. I'm also testing the Vice Pro Plus right now and it's a great ball but I think it will play very similarly to the ProV1X in that you'll get great numbers in distance from the longer clubs but it doesn't spin as much around the greens.
  17. This will be a fun challenge to follow and I expect to see some great results from this driver. I switched to the F7+ not too long ago and through 4 rounds I've hit 69% of my fairways. This thing is one of the more accurate bombers I've seen.
  18. I think they look great! I'd love to give them a try. I'm hitting my Titleist AP2s awesome right now but sometimes I do miss the feeling of playing blades. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  19. Welcome! I grew up in a small town about 30 miles north of Grand Rapids, MI and now live in South Carolina. I love playing the courses in Michigan whenever I make it back to visit family. Great golf area! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  20. Sounds like a good competitor to what's out there right now. There price point is solid as well.
  21. I played another 18 after work today with the F7+ and hit some serious bombs. The more I use this driver, the better I'm hitting it. I think part of it is how much I'm enjoying the HZRDUS Yellow shaft. Another thing I find interesting is that I ordered the driver .25 inches short assuming that would make it 45 inches since the specs on their website list it at 45.25". I put it up against my buddies 45 inch EPIC driver and my F7+ is a quarter inch shorter than his. I compared it against a couple of other drivers in my garage when I got home and it is indeed 44.75" now. Maybe that's why I'm hitting it so well. I'm seriously contemplating cancelling my Ping G400 LST pre-order at this point. This driver is just fun to use.
  22. Fireinthehole, Just curious, what shaft did you order with the EPIC and what are you going to replace it with?
  23. I just started using the PX HZRDUS Yellow in my driver and I think I'm in love. It's extremely stable but with great feel. I may have found my favorite driver shaft on the market. For irons, I love the Aerotech Steelfiber graphite shafts. They offer most of the benefits of graphite but with superior dispersion, similar to steel, and the lower ball flight I was looking for.
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