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  1. I played 30 holes with the F7+ today and my observations are that it is one of the most forgiving and accurate pro drivers I've played while still maintaining adequate distance. It is definitely not the longest I've played but I can control it so well. 260 down the middle is much more playable than 280 in the trees. It's a fun driver. I'm still waiting for my Ping G400 LST driver to come in so I can compare but as of right now, I'm very happy with what I'm seeing from the Cobra.
  2. Ouch, it sucks when you go through those periods. Last week I had 2 range practice days when it felt like I was hitting more balls off the hosel than on the face. Then I played a round Friday afternoon and hit a couple of the most amazing hosel rockets I've ever produced. It was slightly embarrassing hitting a pitching wedge 50 yards right of the green. I almost took my buddies head off a couple of holes later, so I took a few days off, went out again yesterday and started again and everything seems to be back to normal again (Thank God!!). Sometimes a little time away does help.
  3. Nice! That's a solid shaft as well. I think you'll like it. I've only been able to hit my new F7+ with the HZRDUS Yellow one time on the range so far but I liked what I saw and felt. I'm playing my first round with it on Sunday so we'll see how it goes. I'm hoping I play well enough with it that I'll regret the fact that I ordered a G400 LST a couple of weeks ago that sounds like it won't ship until mid August. If nothing else, this driver will definitely get me by until the Ping gets here.
  4. The driver came in today and the custom ordered shaft was the black with the yellow lettering so you should be good.
  5. Vice Pro Plus Stage 1 Review Let me just start this review by saying how lucky we are to live in an era where small companies can make a name for themselves by engineering and selling a high quality product straight to the consumer at a huge discount in comparison to the market leaders. This gives us a remarkable number of awesome choices at any budget. Back when I was a kid, you knew if you didn't buy the market leading products you were most likely getting something that wouldn't last or perform nearly as well. It's exciting that this is no longer the case. You are still going to have plenty and plenty of golfers who will only play a Titleist, because it's a Titleist and blah, blah, blah, etc. I say test them all and see what performs the best for you and If you can find a ball that does the job for less money, your wallets now a little fatter, and you'll have more money for the important things in life (like a couple more beers at the turn). All of that being said, this review is about one of those products, the Vice Pro Plus, that promises to perform just as well as any ball on the market but at a significantly reduced price. Now that I've got you all excited about the possible things this ball can provide for your game, I'm going to take a step back and tell you a bit about myself. My name is Chad and I currently live in the Charleston, SC area (Mt Pleasant to be exact), where golf year round is very much a possibility, with a few short breaks for a hurricane or two. Even that doesn't stop me much. The day before the last hurricane was scheduled to reach this area, a buddy and I went out and played 18, while most of the people that live here were packing up their cars and heading for the hills. Kind of cool having the entire course to ourselves J. I love the game of golf. It's on my mind all the time. As good as I am at my job, I constantly regret not pursuing a career that involved golf when I was younger, but I'm now 41 years old and kind of stuck where I am. I'm telling you all of this just so you can understand that golf is the one thing in my life that never gets boring to me. Some people say that if they won a ridiculous amount of money they wouldn't want to stop working. I'd be working to, on my golf game every day. Those people need some golf in their lives. Anyway, I've been playing golf since I was kid. My Dad was a very good golfer. He's still good but he's lost about 40 yards on his drives and gets angry when I'm 60 yards past him on every tee shot. I was pretty natural at the game as a kid but we didn't have a lot of junior golf in the rural area I grew up in so I only got to play occasionally. About mid-way through college was when I realized how much I truly enjoyed the game and started really working on my game. Back in those days, I kind of just skipped the whole short game practice and it really showed negatively in my scores. Now, at 41, I give that more focus than any part of my game. I also work really hard on my fitness now which has allowed me to hit ball just as far as I did at 20, maybe even further. My 10 year old Son also really enjoys playing which is exciting to me, that is until he starts beating me, then I'll have to have a little talk with him. Haha. My handicap currently resides around an 8. I don't get to play nearly as much as I'd like with a 10 and 4 year old, but I try to make it out once a week. I also have a job that allows me to go to the driving range every day at lunch where I hit around 60 balls and practice my short game. This really keeps my game sharp. My bag is currently as follows: Cobra King F7+ 8.5* w/PX HZRDUS Yellow 6.5 Callaway 816 Alpha 14* w/Aldila Rogue I/O 70 X-Stiff Callaway 815 Alpha Hybrid 18* w/Speeder 865 X-Stiff Callaway 815 Alpha Hybrid 23* w/Speeder 865 X-Stiff Titleist 716 AP2 5-PW w/Steelfiber i95 Stiff Ping Glide 51* w/Ping AWT Stiff Ping Glide 2.0 56* w/Ping AWT 2.0 Stiff Callaway MD3 S-Grind Shamrock 60* w/Tour DG S200 Sentio Sierra 101-M 33" with GP SNSR Grip Snell MTB The only club I'm not sure about is the driver. I just picked up the Cobra F7+ and have only had it out for 9 holes after work. I liked what I saw but I need more on course testing to verify. I also have a Ping G400 LST pre-ordered that I'm going to compare against it when it comes in some time in mid to late August. My current golf ball is the Snell MTB and I've gotten some great results from it. It spins well around the green and on approach shots. It feels soft and is easy to control. It also spins a little too much off the driver and longer clubs, which affects it in the wind, so I will really be focusing on how all these facets compare against the Vice Pro Plus in my testing. Now, let's finally talk about the Vice Pro+ golf ball. My initial impressions involve both the packaging and the name. First off, as a child of the 80's, the word Vice instantly make me think of one of my favorite shows from that decade, Miami Vice. The box also cries the 80's to me. The tiger is amazing. It brings images to my mind of some of the artwork you'd see hanging on the walls during the 80's while also making me think of the iconic 80's hit, “The Eye of the Tiger.” All of this makes me want to pick up one of those sweet Don Johnson white sport jackets for the course while jamming to Survivor during my round. What I'm trying to say is I really like the vibes this ball puts off (I love the 80's). The look of the ball itself is also sweet. I like the crisp black print that really stands out and the cursive writing of “Vice”. The black line on the side for lining about putts is also impressive. I stopped lining up my putts like that a couple of years ago, because I found that it really threw off my alignment, but if I were still doing that, I would really appreciate that line. This ball just has a cool vibe that I feel like I'm missing with the Snell ball for some reason. Everything about the Snell ball, from the name to the packaging and look of the ball, just seems vanilla, where the Vice ball looks edgy and exciting to me. It wins points in this arena before I've even hit a shot with it. For my testing, I'm going to be putting the Vice Pro+ up against my current Snell ball and the Taylormade TP5x that I've been experimenting with. The Vice Pro+ and the TP5x seem to make very similar claims so it will be interesting to see how they compare. From what I've seen of the TP5x so far it definitely spins less than the Snell but has good stopping power around the greens. If I can get something similar from the Vice Pro+, I'll be very interested. I'm excited to see how these balls stack up, because part of me wants to put them in the bag just based on my initial impressions. I have tried them on the course but I'm holding off discussing performance until Stage 2, but if anyone has any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.
  6. I just ordered the F7+ last Sunday with the HZRDUS Yellow 75 and it's supposed to get here on Tuesday. I'm fairly certain it will be the black with yellow lettering but if you want to wait a couple more days I can let you know for sure. FYI, TGW has the F7+ with custom options for $249 right now, which is $50 cheaper than Cobra, if you are looking to go with that head.
  7. It would also be fun to see Spieth pull it off. To achieve the career grand slam at that early an age would be amazing. I would also really like to see Fowler get his first or see Rory get back on track and win another major.
  8. chershey

    Ping G400

    What didn't you like about the HZRDUS Yellow? Did it feel harsh or was it too low spin? I'm just curious because I'm seriously considering trying that shaft out and like to hear other's thoughts. I know that when I tested the G400 LST I was only hitting the stock Alta shaft okay, but then they put in a older Fujikura VC 7.2 TS low spin shaft they had in the fitting room and I gained 5 mph ball speed with lower spin and started crushing it. Because of that I've been considering the Ping tour shafts or the HZRDUS Yellow. I'm also thinking about just picking up one of those Fujikura shafts on eBay since they can be had for cheap now.
  9. Very nice set! I just ordered a custom F7+ with the HZRDUS Yellow 75 shaft to try out that I'm hoping will get here soon. I couldn't resist trying it out for only $249. I've always loved the look of those irons as well.
  10. Yeah, your current estimated carry distances are probably not ideal, but 10 yards between clubs is also not necessarily ideal also for a faster swinger. I have a 15 yard gap between each club in my 8-PW and about 12 yard gap between the rest of my irons. To me it's easier to take a little distance off of some of my shorter irons by gripping down, etc than it is with my longer irons, so I definitely like it that way. You seem to have some really short gaps in the shorter irons. Maybe getting your lofts checked will help you figure out why the gaps are so short?
  11. I personally like grips with cord like the GP Tour Velvet Cord grip (much better than the regular tour velvet for sweaty hands) or the GP Z-Grips. I live in SC with approximately 200% humidity every day so my hands get really sweaty but both grips I listed above perform well for me.
  12. Alright, I do have a Ping G400 on pre-order that might not be here until mid August based on what I've been reading around the nets. With Cobra putting this deal out there, I couldn't resist ordering a custom F7+ with a free upgrade to the HZRDUS Yellow 75 shaft for only $249 ($256 because I went with the Golf Pride Z-Grip as well). It's really hard to pass up on a deal like that and now I can compare both the Cobra and the Ping when I get both and see which one I like the best on the course.
  13. I love the SNSR grips! Best feeling grips I've ever owned. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. chershey

    Ping G400

    I ended up ordering a Ping G400 LS today after trying it out at my fitter. I was really impressed with the combination of forgiveness, feel, and distance it offered. My current driver (the XR16 Sub Zero) is longer but nowhere close to as forgiving. I need to be in play more often to keep the scores down and I think the Ping will help me do that. With the Ping I was getting around 2400 spin with total distance in the 280s. I got total distance in the 290s with the XR16 SZ but I'm not nearly as consistent with it. I'm done chasing max distance and now understand I need more forgiveness. When I'm on the XR16 SZ is the best driver I've ever hit, but on my bad days it can get ugly. I'm really hoping the Ping G400 LS will help with that. I think it might be the best feeling driver I've ever hit as well. It sounds so much better than the G did. Can't wait to get it.
  15. Yes, in that the Srixon looks a little more stretched back but not by much. Both drivers look great behind the ball in their own way. The Srixon has a nice classic, clean look. The Ping frames the ball nicely and makes you feel confident that you'll find the sweet spot. I prefer the look of the Ping but it's not for everyone. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  16. I totally agree. Even if they did decide to make the pros use balls or equipment that didn't go as far, they would be penalizing the short hitters even further and make it impossible for them to compete against the longer hitters at the length they've made some of these courses.
  17. Ok, sorry to say that I went back to my fitter at lunch today with every intention of buying the Z565, but...... I noticed they just got the new Ping G400 drivers in and couldn't resist trying them out. I hit the Z565 and the Ping G400 LS side by side. I got very similar distance and spin out of both of them, but what really surprised me was the forgiveness I was getting off the new Ping. It gave me better dispersion than the Z565, and also felt better. As a matter of fact the new Ping is one of the best sounding and feeling drivers I've ever hit. The Ping is pre-ordered. I think I would have been really happy with the Srixon, but when you consider that the Ping is also a little cheaper ($420 with the Tour 65 shaft vs $449 for the Srixon), I couldn't resist. FYI, both drivers were giving me around 2400 spin on average with total distance in the 280s (260 carry). You can't wrong either way.
  18. Looking through the list of irons tested, I don't think you would be disappointed in any of these irons. I put the AP2s in my bag several months ago and have gotten better and better with them the longer I've had them. I think I would have been as equally happy with the results if I had chosen any of these irons, as long as they were fit to me (i.e., length, lie, loft, weight, etc.) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  19. Welcome to a great site! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. I took the Z565 out for 18 after work yesterday. It's extremely forgiving compared to the super low spin driver I'm playing, but still has good distance. From what I saw yesterday, I think my current driver (XR16 Sub Zero) is definitely longer when I hit it dead center, but I get punished badly for off center hits. I hit a couple of balls with the Z565 that were no where close to the center of the face and the distance loss wasn't that bad, plus it still went fairly straight which is a bonus. I really have to think about this one. For the last couple of years I've been chasing drivers that produce those low spin bombs that fly past everyone and ignored all the other drives that didn't spin enough and went nowhere. This Z565 might be a great compromise. I also like that it doesn't seem like a hook machine, which has been more worst miss in the past. I wish my fitter had some of the other shaft options to try, like the HZRDUS Yellow. They only have Mayazaki Mizu shafts which I like, but I would also like to see the results from the other options. I can definitely see how this driver won the "Most Wanted" award.
  21. You might be right, but.......what if those clubs were left handed!? Then he would probably only beat us by a couple of strokes!
  22. Oh okay. I'm down in the Charleston area and was just curious if you played any of these courses but Greenville is quite a trek from here.
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