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  1. Yesterday I stopped in to my local fitter to talk about the 565 driver and they let me borrow one for a couple of days with the Mizu 6X shaft. I took it to the range yesterday afternoon and can't believe how forgiving it seems. It's almost point and shoot. I need to try and get an afternoon round today or tomorrow in to see if the distance is up to par.
  2. I'm glad to see that at least in this small sample size that no one wants different equipment rules for the pros. I'd be interested in seeing more info on differences between tour equipment vs off the rack equipment as well. For instance, the M2 driver has had a lot of success on tour this year, but I keep wondering if the M2 the PGA pros are playing has less draw bias or more of an open face compared to the retail version.
  3. Welcome TJ! What part of SC are you in?
  4. The recent MGS article about shaving your driver face and gaining distance really had me thinking about about a hot topic on tour right now. There are a lot of people in golf that feel that tour pros equipment, including golf balls, should be regulated to a higher level than amateurs equipment. This is something that would personally bother me because I really enjoy playing the same level of equipment as the pros because it allows me to compare what I'm doing in my game to what the PGA tour stars are doing. I like knowing things like, "My carry distance is only 200 yards less than Dustin Johnson's." Okay, that's a slight exaggeration but you get the point. My question to you is, would you play equipment that doesn't meet USGA requirements now (like the shaved driver face) or would you mind playing differently regulated equipment and balls than the PGA tour stars?
  5. It sucks that you don't have anything closer, but I'd say it's definitely worth the drive to a quality fitter if you have the time and can afford it. You can see tons of examples all over the internet where people added significant yardage and accuracy after a good fitting.
  6. So, it's been quite a while since I posted my last WITB and because I seem to change clubs like most people change their outfits (once a month, right?), I figured it was time for an update. In all honesty, for the first time in years I can honestly say that I feel really comfortable with every club in my bag right now and I'm hoping the configuration I'm about to share with you will stay. Let's start with the bag. After reading the MGS "Most Wanted Stand Bag" two years ago, I was intrigued with the bag that took second place, the Projekt Kozmak. I liked the look and features but it was very difficult to find and order, so I took a chance and bought one online. It's been a great bag so far, in that it hasn't fallen apart yet (kind of important) it does everything else it's supposed to do. Moving into the equipment, let's start with the old Boomstick: I'm rocking the XR16 Sub Zero set at 8 degrees with a Tour AD M9003 6S shaft playing at 45 inches. I hit this thing as long as anything I've ever hit and feel like it's pretty accurate. I bought an EPIC SZ right when it came out thinking it would give me even better distances but it has proven to be shorter than the XR16 so just like that the XR16 SZ is in the bag to stay (Wait! Is that a shiny new Ping G400! Let's see what it can do!!) Moving into the 3 wood: I've been trying to find a 3 wood that both gives the distance I need and can find the fairway easily off the tee. I picked up a Callaway Alpha 816 14* 3 wood off Callaway Pre-owned and it's been amazing so far. Oddly enough, I put a driver shaft (Rogue I/O 70 X-Stiff) in it because I hit it better with this shaft. That makes the club 44 inches but then a choke down an inch or so and it plays perfectly. Then there's the twins: My Callaway Alpha 815 hybrids set at 18 and 22 degrees were also found on Callaway Golf pre-owned and they have been the best clubs I've ever put in my bag. Now when I'm around 200 out on par 5, I feel confident that these can put it close and give me that eagle putt, that I'll probably leave 10 feet short, but at least it was an eagle putt! Now, we have the buttery smooth feeling irons: I bought the Titleist 716 AP2 5-PW after hitting them in a golf store and falling in love with the feel and how easy they seem to hit. I decided to put in the Steelfiber i95 stiff shafts as a test and they made great clubs even better. They are all bent 1 degree strong and are .25 inches shorter than standard. The wedges below have been huge for my game as well: I have Ping Glide 51 degree and 56 degree that are cut .25 inch short as well. The Callaway MD3 60 degree lob wedge has been an awesome scoring club that stops on a dime. I can't say anything bad about these wedges as they perform whenever I need them and my short game has improved with them. Finally, we have the flatstick: This one has been more of a game changer for me than any club in the bag. I was chosen to test the Sentio Sierra putter by MGS back in January and as soon as I stroked the first putt, it was like true love. It beat out every other putter I've owned and anything I've tried since. Simply put, I have a lot less putts per round now, and love, love, love the feel. I play it at 33 inches with a Gold Pride SNSR grip and it's perfect. For balls, I'm currently gaming the Snell MTB and trying out the Taylormade TP5X. I like both balls but they have some differences. I was also chosen to do test some Vice golf balls in the next few months for MGS, so I'll be sure to let everyone know how they compare. Well, that's it for now. This setup is my favorite of all time and I want to keep it stable for a while and see if my scores start to drop. The only other piece of equipment I'd like to change out is between my errors, but that one's a little more difficult.
  7. Those are both great options. With a new Ping driver (G400) being released later on this month, you can probably find some great deals on the G.
  8. Congrats guys! Should be some great reviews! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. I did something similar as well. I switched from 120 gram iron shafts to Steelfiber 95 gram shafts and from a 76 gram driver shaft to a 68 gram. I'm hitting the ball as solid as I ever have with more distance. I always thought I needed heavier, because of my strength, but my results prove that I was wrong. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Congrats Foz! That's a lot years to celebrate there! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. My grip is fairly traditional except I have index fingers on both hands extended down the grip. It helps me feel where the putter head is lined up through the stroke. I have tested every grip you can think of and this one just feels the most comfortable and confidence inspiring. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. Welcome! It's a great place to hang out and make new golf friends.
  13. So I did some testing today to figure out why I'm getting better results on the course with the XR16 SZ vs the EPIC SZ. Using my ES14 launch monitor, that really only measures ball speed and clubhead speed, I hit both drivers side by side, swapping out the same shaft between heads. With the XR16 SZ I was getting ball speeds right inline with what I saw on the GC2 launch monitor (152-156). With the EPIC SZ, I was struggling to get my ball speed into the 150s. Weird. My jailbreak technology must be broken! What it has to come down to is that I'm striking the XR16 SZ better for some reason. Maybe it's the smaller club head. I'm not sure, but I'm definitely sticking with the XR16.
  14. Yep, when I tested between the two drivers, I used the same shaft in both. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. An open range with a launch monitor is definitely the best way to make a decision in my mind. A demo day is a great place for that option if you can find one. One good thing about the fitter in my area is that they have demo clubs they will let you borrow for a few days so you can hit them outside. That way if they fit you into a driver, you can confirm that you hit it as well outside as you did inside.
  16. Today's round of golf confirmed that I can hit the XR16 SZ just as well, if not better than the EPIC SZ. There will be an EPIC offering on the classifieds soon.
  17. Haha, yep, most likely! The decision will be made on Saturday after my round. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  18. Yep, it's a GC2 launch monitor without an HMT. The HMT is required to measure clubhead data. The new GC Quad has an integrated HMT so it's not an issue. I get tired of arguing with people working at golf stores that don't understand that it's not the real swing speed. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  19. So back around October of last year, I picked up a used XR16 Sub Zero driver after testing out a friends and fell in love. It was longer than my Ping G LS Tec, seemed really easy to hit and gave me some of the best launch monitor numbers I've ever had: I also really liked how the smaller head looked behind the ball. I was having more fun playing this driver than any I had ever had, but I also knew the EPIC SZ was coming out soon and thought, "If I'm getting drives like this out of the older XR16 SZ, just imagine what all that technology in the new EPIC SZ is going to give me!" I pre-ordered the EPIC SZ without any testing and put it in play. The first round was decent but not spectacular. It wasn't any better than the older driver, but because I had built this new driver up in my head so much, it seemed better. Then we went through a dry spell, with no rain, and I hit a few drives that seemed like bombers because of all the roll out I was getting on the fairways. I had two drives that registed over 300 on my Gamegolf tracking device and was pumped. It seemed to affirm that this new driver really was the greatest thing since Guiness was created (was sliced bread really that big a deal!). Unfortunately, we have now gotten a lot of rain and reality has started to set in. Because I'm not getting the roll out anymore, my driver numbers have started to go way down. Here's my Gamegolf driving statistics with the EPIC SZ since I put it in play: EPIC SZ Driving numbers Now, when I was playing with the XR16 SZ, we were in a rainy season, so I wasn't getting a ton of rollout, but take a look at my overall driving numbers below: XR16 Driving numbers Not only was I longer with the older driver but I also was hitting more fairways. The last couple of days, I took both drivers out to the range and, sure enough, it looks like I'm carrying the XR16 SZ further, with a better trajectory. What I've proven to myself is that sometimes you just have to accept that you aren't going to gain something everytime an amazing looking new driver comes out. Just enjoy what you have and spend your time and and money playing the game. The older driver is being put back into play this Saturday, so I will let you know hot it goes.
  20. In order for a putter to work well for you, I firmly believe it has to look right to you, have the feel you're looking for, and have the alignment features that work best for your eyes. Getting custom fitted is one great way to figure this out. I was not custom fitted but I got lucky and was chosen as a tester for the Sentio Sierra putters back in December and it ended up being the perfect putter for me. I now have a ton of confidence when I'm standing over the ball and short putts no longer terrify me. You just have to find what works best for you. There's also that little thing called practice that helps a bit as well if you want to give it a try.
  21. Chad, South Carolina Callaway 815 Alpha 18* & 22* with Speeder 865 X-Stiff Shafts I was not custom fit Strengths- Ability to control distance and trajectory when needed Weaknesses- I sometimes have issues with drawing my hybrids too much and will top the ball every once in a great while with my hybrids.
  22. Thanks! It will be fun to put these balls up against my current Snell balls. I'm also going to throw a dozen Taylormade TP5X into the testing as well to see how these perform against a relatively expensive ball.
  23. I've been using the Oakley Prizm half jackets for about 9 months now and really enjoy them. They help me pick the ball flight up on cloudy days and I struggled to do that before. I also feel like I can see breaks on the green with them on. I used to always take my sunglasses off when I did that before I got these.
  24. This is hilarious. I see unsolicited advice offered at the range all the time and most of it is terrible. It takes all my will power to shut up when I hear people try to tell a guy how to fix his swing. I just want to turn around and remind them that they offer lessons at the course if you really want to improve. I don't even like it when I'm having a great day at the range and someone asks me for help. Even if I can pick out all his swing faults, I'm not a teaching pro and have no idea what the best way for them to fix it is. I'd probably do more harm than good. If they'd been out there the day before watching me hit balls off the planet, there's no way they would have asked me for advice in the first place.
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