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  1. Would definitely give a whirl. Anything to improve the game.
  2. Sure can do with a new putter. Will post Putts Information for the contest.
  3. Name - Bobby Location - Simi Valley. Ca. Current Putter - Scotty Cameron Golo 5 Which Impact model you want to test - No 3
  4. Bobby Simi Valley CA. Yes. I walk every possible Course that I can. It is the only way to enjoy a round of golf. I bought a SunMountain Micro (4 Wheels) in 2011, which I use till todate. I have replaced the wheels on it (Purchased from SunMountain- excellent Customer Service.) due to wear and tear.
  5. Bobby/Simi Valley - California Yes, I do play every month of the year. No problem, and I walk all the courses. None - Currently do not use a fitness tracker, although I generally know that it is about 6 to 7 miles when I walk the course.
  6. First Name/City - Bobby - Simi Valley. CA. Iphone XR/ IOS 14.2 Outdoors No Net
  7. First Name - Bobby City, State - Simi valley. CA Current Driver in Play - Callaway Epic Handicap - 18 Swing Speed - 90 Which Driver Would You Like to Review TSI2
  8. Bobby- Simi Valley. CA. USA. Titleist - Scotty Cameron Select - Golo - with 15gram weights. Mallet Putter. I find it easier to line up better with more reference points.
  9. Bobby Dharmaratnam - California Yes - Garmin Approach S5 and Golf Buddy SX200 Watch. Garmin Approach S5 watch
  10. First Name and Location 0 - Bobby -- CA Swing Speed - 95 Current Ball - Callayway Chrome Soft Preference: Tour or Tour X - Tour
  11. Bobby - Simi Valley. CA 90 Kirkland 4 piece Have never played a Snell golf b all
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