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  1. 5.8 Handicap Tennessee 115+ SS and 280+ Carry F7+ Been gaming the KING LTD Pro with Xstiff Element Chrome shaft tipped 1" at 45.5" in length since last spring. Hard to believe Cobra could improve on it! The look, feel, sound, forgiveness and length are amazing! I would be honored to put an F7+ up against my LTD Pro 👍 Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of the MGS Fraternity!
  2. Wade Werner II Nashville, Tennessee Handicap 6.2 Driver- Cobra King LTD Pro 8.5 degree loft FW- Cobra King LTD 14.5 degree loft UST Element Chrome X Flex +1/2" Swing Speed 111 mph As a technology driven gear nut, I went with the NASA/Cobra technology upon release, but have been very compelled to compare to Boeing/Callaway's new XR16 Series.
  3. Avid Golf Spy follower and now new member ready to enlighten the masses with my very own reviews! My name is Wade Werner my friends. I reside in White House, TN just north of Nashville and I currently game a Taylormade Spider Blade Slant 32. I am a very soft hands putter and have had success rolling the rock with Cameron Newports, Cleveland Classic #1, Cameron Laguna, White Hot, etc... Very excited for the opportunity to reduce into words the truths behind this putters glorified existence!
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