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  1. David Zendel - Rockville, MD Current Set - Cleveland 588 CB - Stiff Steel Current Handicap 15 Preferred Irons - Launcher CBS - Stiff Steel I hope to be taken into consideration for this test, I hope to stay a cleveland advocate and my iron game is my current challenge. I struggle with a low ball flight and hope that these irons can help.
  2. David - 32 Years old Rockville, MD 15 Current Irons are Taylormade RSI2 Biggest Strength, distance and short game Biggest Weakness, shot elevation, ball flight is too low with current irons
  3. Getting better, would love to try out the Mizunos. David Zendel, Rockville, MD 14.8 Taylormade RSi2 KBS105 S No
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