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  1. Living in Kentucky, there is a winter that prevents me from practicing at my local range as they close when snow starts to fall. However, if there was a way to keep hitting golf balls I would absolutely take advantage of it. I take pride in the fact that I do a lot of research when purchasing anything and my wife will vouch for my meticulous in depth research I do to make sure that I purchase the best product possible. The in depth research I do when purchasing anything is the same detail I would give when reviewing a product that I would use and give my honest opinion on. If I am not picked I still appreciate the opportunity.  

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    Louisville, KY


    I am a huge fan of blade putters and love trying new and different ones. I am currently playing a Cunningham blade putter who is a local guy who hand mills his putters himself. He hasn't become popular, but I believe he will be soon. He does science on beyond putter balance and is involved with the human eyesight and much more extensive research to make his putters best as possible. Hope to get the opportunity to try this bad boy out. Thanks!

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