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  1. Matt / Maryland 14 handicap Taylormade Rocketballz The carry distance of your 7 iron = 135 yards
  2. - Matt - MD / USA - TM RBZ / Steel TruTemper/ Regular Flex - Your 7-iron distance - 137 yards I did a fitting recently and they highly recommended these Irons to me. I would love to give these a shot in testing.
  3. Hello MGS Followers, Worth a shot Throwing this out there. I'm heading to Naples next Wed for vacation and the wife told me to golf as much as I'd like. I'm looking to golf Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I was wondering if anyone could get me on Bear's Paw. I've never played a Jack Nicklaus course and wouldn't mind doing it on vacation. Also, it's 10 min from my hotel. Already looking to play Tiburon, and some combination of Lely Club, Arrowhead, Old Corkscrew, Valencia, or Raptor Bay. I'd be willing to reciprocate a round in the Baltimore / Frederick MD area. Any other suggestions or comments let me know
  4. Matt Maryland How many rounds per year do you walk? 7 rounds in the last 3 weeks. 30+ for a year.
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