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  1. 1 - Howard from Illinois 2 - Nike Storm Fit Jacket and Columbia rain pants (pants desperately need an upgrade) 3 - I play pretty much year round, so cold and wet conditions are just part of it. The worst rain I ever played in was during a huge scramble in the summer. Afternoon storms rolled in and the course didn't want to issue rain checks for everyone, so they never blew the horn. Raining so hard that sheeting water on the greens caused putts to throw up rooster tails, and putting cups filled with water. Didn't find out till later that a tornado had touched down about a 1/2 mile from the course. Imagine the storm from "Caddyshack"
  2. Howard Thomas - 43 Carbondale, IL Inconsistent tee shots cost me the most strokes. I have a tendency to get very long in the backswing and it leads to poor contact.
  3. 1. Howard from Illinois 2. 6.4 index 3. Mizuno MP-54's (love them, but wouldn't mind an update) 4. Probably the 900 Forged (I think I could handle the Tour model, but wouldn't mind the extra forgiveness)
  4. 1. Howard from Illinois 2. 6.9 index 3. Callaway GBB Alpha 815 DBD with Oban Kiyoshi Gold 65 Stiff 4. ~105mph -> ~265ish 5. Jim Furyk I've been wanting to try one of these since I heard about them in the fall.
  5. Howard Thomas Southern Illinois - USA 6.5 index I just make notes on my scorecards. I use a Garmin and laser for distances, but no real stats. I've looked at game golf and arcos, but don't always have my phone on me. This sounds perfect!
  6. Howard Thomas Illinois (southern) Currently using a Bushnell Tourv3 I play year round despite cold weather. I'd love to try one with slope capabilities and a red display (for late evening golf) - Thanks!
  7. About 45 rounds per year Currently a 6.6 handicap Back to using my odyssey metal x rossie (35.5" with superstroke slim 3.0)
  8. Howard from Illinois Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 DBD Diamana Stiff 108mph 260-270yds
  9. Howard - Carbondale, IL Handicap - 9 Current irons - Mizuno MP54 + MP T4 Gap wedge - all with Nippon 1150 stiff shafts Custom fit - Sort of - Purchased after several demos with some recommendations
  10. Howard from Southern Illinois I practice all winter. Currently using an Odyssey metal x milled versa #7, but I've been wanting to demo a blade
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