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  1. I use a Hogan UiHi , it’s my favorite iron most of the days when I go out.
  2. Is this your first purchase ? Use PayPal all the time with eBay… Older used clubs usually never fake.
  3. Adam stole the velocity slot from Wilson Staff. it’s a lot older idea than you think.
  4. I have had everything possible happen to think. I did have a clavicle fracture plus a cracked scapula . OTB I had surgery on the clavicle old school platting . know AC joint you can have that done arthroscopic. I worked as a surgical technician for 25 years, done a lot of orthopedic surgery. If you must find out who is a good orthopedic surgeon. Call a surgery center and ask someone, they will tell you the truth. good luck
  5. I seen that and he’s has blow out his back either. Watch when he heals that he didn’t develop some bad habits from doing that. good luck with your endeavors.
  6. I switch out my shaft in my Ping 410 Lst to a Red Tense . From eBay for $79.00 it’s better than shopping for another driver.
  7. I was a surgical tech on probably 50 Achilles tears. when you get in there it literally looks like a went off in there. Most surgeons fix it with a anchor and some fiber core sutures and some tenolysas ? To close with. then what ever they like for skin. A lot get infections do to sweat !!! why would you **** it all up if you don’t even know how the first surgery turned out. Because the second time will really be bad case. For you Tec and the Doctor.
  8. I had a super bad time with CC . I think it’s best to get fitted then buy on eBay. say from Dallas golf or someone like that….. By the way at least you’re going to know how long you’re 6 iron goes.
  9. My four month old Swag straight shaft mallet. It’s more like a baby mallet ,it fits in a blade Putter Cover. I re- grip the putter with a leather grip. I love putting with this putter even though I could putt with most anything. I chose this one for feel looks and great lag.
  10. Sometimes it’s the weight of the shaft. After having my neck fusion, I can only swing lite shafts now. The shaft you have now is made to get the ball in the air . High launching you might need a lower trajectory shaft to.
  11. It might be a set that you play at a golf resort, if you don’t bring your own clubs. I played a whole set of Xr callaway back in the day . In Maui . I would not worry about it. Call Cobra Monday.
  12. My now favorite 3 wood is my Callaway Fusion… The Velocity Slot were originally made by Wilson staff but Adams-stole it first then TaylorMade.
  13. If you can’t stack and tilt,” good luck finding the slot.
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