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  1. I never swung a stiff shaft until a fitter set me up with my irons. I have Itobori Mxh . I thought I bought the wrong shaft. until I started working hard on Stack and tilt swing and staying committed to it. my swing speed is much faster and I’m keeping the stiff Auto Flex irons , and staying with a regular shaft driver and hybrid 4 wood. I love my clubs take a peek
  2. You really should ask ,can you still were white pant (for a marine trousers )
  3. I’m enjoying my Cleveland 3 Wood , I’m super impressed by this 3 wood . If you’re interested in there woods . Its the first time I have been on 2 in a long longtime. It actually went over the green and into a bunker, that I was fortunate to get up and down for bird. I did have there 3 regular hybrid but didn’t keep it because I like my 4 stealth hybrid more.
  4. I have a 49 53 57 61 Edison never had good luck with my wedges. I would rather hit my 4 iron than my wedges any day. I even practice with them before I go play and it just doesn’t help. So I bought a 56 Vega that was used, I played it without practice and ended up having a great day … No way will I break 80 if I don’t do something about it.
  5. You sound like your bitching at me
  6. I don’t have a card, because most of the time I’m injured . Or I’m doing something else. The other day I shot an 85 on a par 72 with a slope of 128. would my handicap be a 12 . I only had a card along time ago. I don’t even know how it works. Thanks
  7. You should be swinging a regular with a 90mph swing.
  8. Vega is really good and Pxg 0311 are exceptional
  9. Here is a list of marine corps injuries I have had my hip replacement with metal on metal which took 3 more replacements to sort of fix. fracture my tibia and fibula, heal spur’s bilateral. neck fusion that gave me RSD both hands. A huge concussion . I did all that in 5 years now I’m punch drunk from my boxing career, after the corps. I basically have Ctes pre dementia. So no exercising for me !!!
  10. Those are soooo nice. My favorite brand is Tuk shoes to bad they don’t make golf shoes, they make awesome shoes.
  11. Some people did parents did better than others. I grew up poor never been to a country club never played the game until I got out of the marine corps. I all ways though,that country club people always had somebody do their dirty work for them.
  12. Honma Tr440 Driver 3/5 Callaway Fusion fairway woods Taylormade Gapr high 4 irons pxg 0211 5 through pitching wedge Edison 49-54-60 Hand made putter bye Coggin’s CMD Golf Co. That’s 6 brands
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