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  1. On 6/15/2021 at 10:59 AM, Grit Golf said:

    Lots of Taylormade, yes, but the Taylormades in question are all descendants from Adams - they benefitted from ripping off Adam’s “Velocity Slot”. 🙂

    There’s a lot of good clubs in the mix here, Adam’s, Exotics, Cobras, Taylormades, Callaways, you just gotta find the one that clicks.

    I think one of the things people don’t think about with woods enough is lie angle and length. I have a tendency to “sole out” the club at address. If my hands are too high or too low, it can create a chain of events in my takeaway and then downswing that leads to inconsistent contact. I can hit a newer Ping wood (generally low lie angle) well, but only if I pick the heel up a tiny bit and get my hands a bit higher. Different manufacturers have different “standards” for length and lie and I think that explains a decent amount of why some people rave about a specific brand of fairway?

    Adam stole the velocity slot from Wilson Staff.

    it’s a lot older idea than you think.

  2. I have had everything possible happen to think.

    I did have a clavicle fracture plus a cracked scapula . OTB

    I had surgery on the clavicle old school platting .

    know AC joint you can have that done arthroscopic.

    I worked as a surgical technician for 25 years, done a lot of orthopedic surgery.

    If you must find out who is a good orthopedic surgeon. Call a surgery center and ask someone, they will tell you the truth.

    good luck 


  3. I was a surgical tech on probably 50 Achilles tears.

    when you get in there it literally looks like a 💣 went off in there.

    Most surgeons fix it with a anchor and some fiber core sutures and some tenolysas ? To close with.

    then what ever they like for skin.

    A lot get infections do to sweat !!!

    why would you **** it all up if you don’t even know how the first surgery turned out.

    Because the second time will really be bad


    For you Tec and the Doctor.

  4. On 7/30/2021 at 7:11 PM, LeftyMatt89 said:

    This feels better than any Scotty, Piretti or Bettinardi I’ve had. 345 grams, 72 lie, 1 shaft offset and 3 degrees. Awesome finish and rolls so smooth. I added a Flatso 1.0. 





    That’s gorgeous 

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  5. My four month old Swag straight shaft mallet.

    It’s more like a baby mallet ,it fits in a blade Putter Cover.

    I re- grip the putter with a leather grip.

    I love putting with this putter even though I could putt with most anything. I chose this one for feel looks and great lag.


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  6. Sometimes it’s the weight of the shaft. After having my neck fusion, I can only swing lite shafts now. The shaft you have now is made to get the ball in the air .

    High launching 

    you might need a lower trajectory shaft to.

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  7. I decided to sell all my gamers, plus some old clubs and started all over.

      I had a Ping G 400 max. That I just never felt comfortable with.

    I heard all these great things about the Homna Tr20. So I bought one brand new off eBay with out trying.

    This driver is so much better than anything I have ever swung . I can’t believe how good it actually is .

    I'm hitting probably 70% of fairways or higher on some days .

    You should think about taking a look at one.

  8. I have the 0211 and I am super happy with them. With the military discount they were the cheapest set of new irons I could buy.

     They are stunning to just look at . I can believe the hype about them. I had the Haywood but they seem to have more offset.

    I got fitted into some Mavericks to me another club with to much offset.

    sold them to.

    I’m kind of a weird bird I hit my long irons better than my short irons, so I carry a 4 iron all the time.

    I wish they wouldn’t get rid of 3 iron or 4 out of Gi sets.



  9.  The Mavericks are super chunky and the offset if you’re not used to can really screw with a person.

    I had a set of the regular maverick fitted to me , I just couldn’t get used to the offset.

    Now I have a set of PXG 0211 From there veteran discount . They are cheaper, with way less offset .

    just a thousand times better build. The Mavericks were put together by Club Champion.

    PXG blew them out of the water. Saved me over a thousand dollars over Club Champion.




  10. I’m super happy with the Kinetixx wedge shaft. I have a Maltby M series 62 wide I bought it 2 years ago.  I tried talking it out of my bag but I ended up with higher scores. So it’s in my bag till I buy another.



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