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  1. Dan Seattle, WA 5.4 Currently playing some Adams A12 pros and I’m not hitting the ball ANYWHERE! I find myself hitting an extra club every time and still leaving it short often... Love the feel of a forged club but need some distance! Thanks for a chance at getting some distance back!
  2. Dan in Seattle, driver is around 115 MPH, 7 handicap playing the Snell MTB-X right now. Used the Srixon a couple years ago would like to see what they've changed! Also I donated some money but I don"t have the "Donor" badge, do i need to put that on myself?
  3. Dan in Seattle,WA 7.3 hdcp, 110-115 range Ping G400 LST Would like to try the G410 plus and see if its more forgiving than the LST.
  4. Dan Seattle 7.3 Taykormade EF groove 54, Cleveland Rotex 2.0 58 50,54,58 would be perfect!
  5. Dan from Seattle. I have some Sun Mountain pants I use now and a mix of like 5 different jackets I use. Pro Quip, an old Tourney goretex, a Nike storm fit, a north face rain coat, etc.. I’ll actually wear this sleeveless sun mountain under one of these, never had a leak with that combo! Played in Brandon one time where it was so rainy and windy you couldn’t look up or else it felt like you were getting pelted with icicles in the face! Played the more forward tees and still had 3 wood/Driver into some of the par 3’s! Sucked at the time but I’ll never forget it!
  6. Dan from Seattle, Up to a 7.5 after this last revision.. Need some help with ball striking! Playing the Callaway X Hot pros wit the project X 95 6.0s. Would love to try the C300 forged! Hit some of the older f5's and was digging em but didn't have the funds at the time....
  7. Dan from Seattle,WA. Playing the 2016 M1 with a Aldila Tour Green 65X. Swing speed is around 115 on the monitor but around 110 on the course when i have to find a fairway! Carry is from 260-270 Usually On the good ones, it's still pretty wet up here! Handicap is at 7.5 right now.
  8. 1:Phil 2:Noren 3:Aphibarnrat 4:Moore 5:Si Woo Kim Winner:-11 Am:+2 Can't wait to play my new C300 forged irons!!!!
  9. Dan Barker, Seattle. I have a g30 HZRDUS 6.5, tour edge xcg 15 stiff 68g tour ad, RBZ 19 hybrid with a fubuki, 4-G x hot pros with 6.0 flighted 95, Taylormade 54 and 58 kbs. Yes tracy or Odyssey big T v-line. I switch clubs a lot and am looking to stick with something for a while! Hoping that leads to some more consistent scores and a lower handicap. I would be more than happy to document my findings with a new arsenal and the Cobra Connect capability. Love the look of all the F8 stuff and would be happy to have the chance to get better, get more feedback, and help some other people make equipment choices along the way!
  10. Dan from Seattle, 6.7, any ball I find with urethane, high spin player! I play at least 3 times a week and practice a couple times a week, I would be more than happy to give a full assessment of how these preform!
  11. Dan Barker in Seattle, 9.0 at the moment, trending down! I have some S55's with zz65 shafts, hitting them pretty good but I miss the feel of some of my old Mizunos! I would love to have a combo set of the tour (P-8), and the forged (7-4), maybe even a 4 in the hot metal version, but a full set of the forged would prob help my game the most! Just getting the right shaft in there would be awesome, that Mizuno shaft optimizer really helped me years ago and I would love to see what it suggests for my current swing.
  12. Dan from Seattle, WA 7.7 Index Ping Anser 8.5 with a 65X NV Aldila around 110, about 260ish up here in the mud! Andres Gonzales, NW Represent!
  13. Dan from Seattle, currently 8.1 trending down shaking off some winter rust! Playing the S55's with ZZ65 shafts and I have been really wanting to try these to see if they feel as good and are a tad longer/forgiving then what I have now! Pick me!
  14. 8.4 from Seattle, around 115, carry is 270ish, tried the F6+ and loved it but didn't have the dough to upgrade from my Anser/ NV 65X! Would love to try the F7+ with a similar 65x shaft!
  15. I can get it up to 118 or so but usually try to find the fairway around 112! I'm an 8.4 right now and am shooting around 80 for the most part!
  16. Dan Seattle,WA Having a rough time in the wet weather with some fat shots right now and would love something with some better turf interaction, hopefully the GLIDE lives up to it's name! I am pretty good around the green chipping with my 54, solid out of the bunker with my 58 I'd like 50, 54, 58, black dot, midsize NDMC, probably S300? Curious what shaft would be best, playing s55's now with ZZ65 and i like em but not sure if they would work with the wedges
  17. Putters look solid, curious about the feel and touch with the floating face! I'm a 7.1, I live in Seattle, WA, and I am using a YES tour Tracy 34" right now.
  18. Dan Barker, Seattle, WA, 8 handy with a PING g25 with a prolaunch blue 65s, swing speed is around 110
  19. Dan from Seattle,WA. I have MP-62 irons with scandium shafts, stiff. Hovering around 6-7 handicap. I would play these just for that sexy gap wedge!!
  20. Dan from Seattle, WA. My newport 2 is my go to but I have been buying all kinds of stuff lately thats more mallet style! I would love to try a 35" tour mallet! I'm having a hard time, missing left and right, with the mid range putts and would like to see if this multiple line-detector action really works! Thanks!
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