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  1. Here's why I'm a fit. I'm 65 and been playing over 50 years. I eventually had to move away from forged blades with steel shafts about 15 years ago. I've tried everything in an attempt to fit a players iron to a graphite shaft and I mean every make and shaft combo. My current gamers are Taylor Made SLDR irons that I custom built with Matrix Kujoh A flex graphite shafts. They are as close to the Holy Grail of my quest as exists. Until now? I usually don't respond to these contests because one visit to the manufacturer's site and I know its never going to be a fit for me. But here-Cobra offers a smaller profile GI iron with a Matrix Red Tie A flex shaft that weighs 62gms. Where have you been? Trust me. I am your huckleberry. I won't disappoint.
  2. Hello to all. I've been following the forum for many years and just today figured out the nuances of completing enrollment. Any way I'm about to turn 65 and have been playing for over 50 years. I've had some health issues that have killed my swing speed but I still can play to about a 17. I have been doing my own club work for at least 20 years. I like listening to input on the industry in general, club technological advances and of course the reviews and reader feedback.
  3. My current putter is a Bettinardi Studio Series 12. I have always played a 38 inch putter because I'm tall and have always used a piston putter stroke like Jack . But I'll give the Carbon a try at 37 inches because my hypocrisy knows no bounds. I finished a round yesterday in particularly snotty weather here on Long Island by sinking an 18 foot sidewinder on the finishing hole to save a bogie. My putter is named Wyatt (OK truth be known I only named it yesterday). Anyway, as I went to put Wyatt's cover on, I mentioned to him that there may be a showdown coming. That orange on black "B" glared back at me and said "Tell Ringo I'm coming and Hell's coming with me". I'm your huckleberry.
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