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  1. Steve / MA 3 Handicap Titleist 915 hybrids Trajectory, turf interaction, and looks are all important to me. these look very promising !
  2. Steve Luria Massachusettes 4 Mizuno MP20 MMC 170
  3. I read that it is recommended to do the training in the morning for neurological reasons but I'm simply not a morning person and my schedule is too tight before work. Now I'm doing it after work and already I find it easier. My energy and flexibility are both better and my swing speeds are slightly faster. I'm also happy to see some increased distance already after only completing the level one protocol. My skytrak has been almost spot on with data since I got it and I've noticed a 5-7 yard increase in most of my irons. unfortunately It seems to have inconsistencies with a driver. My ave carry is 250 yards and skytrak often displays something closer to 225 even though ball speed, launch and spin are accurate . The courses here in MA are just opening and I can't wait to see some real world results.
  4. I started my level two protocol this week and it's been interesting to see the differences in speed between the various positions. My normal swing setup is the fastest, and the kneeling and step change are almost the same. If I had guessed before starting any of the training I probably would have thought the step change would be a faster speed. Hopefully this info will help me determine where I generate the most speed or which area needs more work in order to create it. I'm trying to remind myself each session that level two might be a two month plateau period with no gains at all so as not to get discouraged.
  5. As someone who just finished the level one protocol ( today ) I'm very interested in the results for the "C" stick. I wonder if you could modify the green stick with a counter weight ? I started with a max driver speed of 100mph on the radar and ended this morning at 107. However, that is never going to be the swing I take to the course. It is still great to see how my max speed has increase but at the moment I'm realistically at 104 mph with a playing swing. I'm confident that it will continue to increase during the level two and three protocol periods and hopefully by June I will achieve a playing speed of 106-108. I'm still searching for training info. Is there data for resting time between swings, sticks, and position sets ? Fatigue definitely sets in much quicker if all the swings and sets are done with little rest in between, and speed decreases. if it was known to produce better results than taking breaks I would follow the recommendations. I only seem to find suggestions of " swing as fast as you can for every swing ".
  6. My last week of level one almost complete and I'm excited to start level two. Not so excited to have 20 weeks of kneeling swings ...
  7. Thanks everyone. I've tried to speed read thru the 90 pages of this thread to get any useful tips and manage my expectations. I was originally on the fence about getting the radar but it has proven to be extremely valuable. There is no question that swinging harder does not alway equate to faster and the radar help identify the feel and technique which creates the higher speeds. I am trying to put maximum effort into each and every swing during the training. This morning I finally saw an increase which was very exciting. I decided to take a little longer in between swings rather than doing them in rapid succesion. I can now achieve a driver SS of 108 on radar which is about what I had most of my life. On the range using my actual playing swing it is averaging 104 but that is still up from the 100mph that I had slipped to over the last several years. I'm happy with the progress thus far and expect the gains to continue. At 52 years old I don't expect my results to come as quickly or be the same as someone younger. However, I'm convinced that by the end of six months I will regain my 108 playing speed. or more...
  8. I'm now one month into my training and I'm happy to see some speed gains in my driver. I started at 99mph and this morning I had two swings at 107 and two at 108. However, I still haven't gotten any faster with my green stick. I seem to be stuck at 112 with an occasional swing slightly faster which might just be the radar. My blue stick is nearly as fast as the green and might catch it in a few weeks . At the range I was consistently hitting 103 with a controlled swing. what are the thoughts on using the radar at the range. are there any pros/cons to trying to swing as fast as you can during practice ?
  9. at the end of each session I finish with a couple of driver swings. I have noticed a steady increase in my driver from week to week so far but strangely not much change in my green stick. Day one my drivers highest reading was 101 and today it was 108 for three of four swings. I'm happy to see the improvements but why would my red and blue be increasing and not the green. I am swinging almost as fast with the blue as green. I have only managed to hit 115-117 a couple of random times with my normal being 111.
  10. I started my training on 1/15 and have followed the protocol suggestions. I had slipped down to a 100 mph driver ss over the last several years from approx 108. I'm going to follow the program for the entire season in hopes of getting past the plateau periods and hope for an increase by the end of the year back to the 108-110 range. It's too early to get frustrated but I do find it interesting that my ss with the lightest green stick is usually only 110-112 while I'm 108 with the red. the blue as expected is 100-102 at the moment. With my current driver, I'm now getting up to 105-107 although I don't thing I would swing that hard on course. Still, it's nice to see the increase over what I was capable of before I started the training. When I swing the green, the sound and feel seem noticeably faster yet I'm disappointed to see low numbers... I can't wait to see where I am after finishing level 2.
  11. this putter sounds great. I'm always looking for a new putter. currently I'm alternating between two scotty's, a califoria montery, and a golo 3.
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