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  1. Hi my name is Jay Jones 65yrs old I have been around golf most of my life started as a caddie in omaha c c. Then into golfshop to wash clubs for the members. My family transfer to kc where i was married with kiddos. Golf on back burner. '89 started long drive competition and did good for my district in this midwest address. But breakin my right wrist in '94 was a big blow to golf swing so no golf for another 6yrs. 2001 after a divorce golf was a comfort again . Now after countless adjustments and fittings the body was failing so here I am at 65 yrs old with both knees replaced, my left shoulder had a total reverse replacement. I am finally doing a solid 7-8 handicap with 110 mph swing speed. Hitting 300yrds still and playing local competitions like golf week am tour Kansas and winning in B flight (2). I love new technology and depend on Mygolfspy for the last 3 yrs (i think maybe longer) for a club and the balls cutting edge i would say just to beat them young whipper snappers Thanks again mygolfspy.com Jay T. Jones
  2. 6.2 hdcp Platte city, Missouri 265 to 280 carry 110 swing speed F7+ In a 8° and 46" length
  3. Getting older and losing distance it is vital I have the right numbers 6.8 hdcp Kc mo.
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