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  1. Forget the watch and get a Link. I dont know about link vs link 2. But scratch the watch.
  2. SOLD: Used but in great condition. Original box, papers, charging cord. Also new silicone case with clip. $130 Shipped in ConUS.
  3. Please like my WTB: Ping Alta CB.  Thank you.

  4. Please like my WTB: Ping Alta CB.  Thank you.

  5. “Muuuuust puuuuut credit caaaaard back in waaaaaalet!!!” This is so temping. I’m sick of waiting on the Garmin, and my annual bonus is coming. “Patients grasshopper!!”
  6. Yes, I just got off the chat with Ping CS and to my shock they were very helpful. Turns out no tip trim, just butt trim only. So this is great. I have the tools and skill to pull the tip but hate taking that risk if I don't need to.
  7. I'll do that, I guess I would be surprised that they would bother with someone buying a used club and modifying a used shaft. But they may surprise me.
  8. I have new to me Ping G425 4 and 5 hybrids. The 4h has a stiff shaft that I like. The 5h has a “regular”. Both are stock Ping Alta CB 70 Slate gray. I have been looking for a stiff 5h Alta CB shaft , but they are rare, have not seen one for sale. However, there are a ton of stiff 3h shafts and I have one on the way. My question is should I tip the 3h shaft before install and then but trim. And how much? I was thinking maybe 1/2” trim. The 4h head weight is about 239g and the 5h head is 245g. No idea what a 3h head weighs (if you have a G425 3h, and can weigh it, it would be much appreciated), but I’m guessing it’s in the 233g range (extrapolating form the other two). So that is 12g delta between 3 and 5. Maybe 1” tip? The Ping playing lengths are: 3h. 40.25” 4h. 39.75” 5h. 39.25” So about 1” delta between 3 and 5.
  9. I found a shaft, I don't need one now. I am looking for a good used Ping Alta CB hybrid shaft. I know the red is the same but I really want the slate gray to match my 4 hybrid. Prefer a 5 hybrid length but can work with a 4, 3 or 2 that I can trim to fit. Please let me know and. Price.
  10. I'm sorry to say that I think you are 100% correct? I really like my BagBoy Quad XL. But they don't seem to want to support the Tracker.
  11. Well the app has been updated (supposedly, but any time I try to update the old version is still on my phone and iPad. Are any of you still using yours? Mine wont connect and I assume its due to the app. Every time I open the app it says and update is available, 1.7 vs 1.0.12. And you can choose update now, but never updates. I have deleted and reinstalled the app several times. Same result, wants to update, never does, and the tracker wont connect. I placed a call to Dynamic Brands. The lady on the phone tried all the same things I did with the same result, App wont update. They will get with the tech team and let me know. Been pretty quite on this thread. Curious if any of you have the same issue and if you are still using yours.
  12. Darrell Houston, Texas Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds, no, I walk 20% but would walk more with an electric cart Do you use a push cart now, yes, BagBoy Quad XL
  13. I find it to be accurate. Nothing to get the hang of really, push the cart a bit to start the tracker, turn on the app, press “start round” and you’re good. Nothing to do but stop the app when the round is done. “Set it and forget it”.
  14. As far as I know, no disconnects. And I’m not looking at the app much during the round. The only time I look at my phone is to check if Arccos captures putts. I keep my phone in the cart, so it’s always there. It’s pretty basic Bluetooth connection.
  15. The Review 1/26/21 BagBoy Tracker – Official MGS Forum Review by Darrell Intro Basic amateur golfer, I practice once a week, play 9 or 18 once a month, if I can. I sometimes play more in the summer. Live and mainly play in the Houston area, but love to play other cities and states (working on playing one course in every state). So I play a lot of new course and one-off times. Been playing for 20 years, but only seriously for about 14 years. I’m about a 12 hcp and need all the help I can get on course. The Personal Questions - I play in the SE Houston, Tx area (but all over if I can) - Been playing seriously for about 14 years - Basic mid-handicap The Golf Questions - About a 12 hcp typically 83-86. - Strengths are short iron consistency 7 and down, weaknesses, long club consistency your game? - You can see WITB in my sig., but I was full bag fit (-hybrids) by fitter in Spring Tx two years ago, hoping to go back this year for hybrids. - And I am tech savvy, use lots of devices and work with software every day and in IT in the past. And being an engineer makes me want to look at the numbers!! Numbers junkie! - I track my golf fitness with the Apple Watch work-out app set to golf. First Impressions In short, simple and easy to use, does what is says it does, tracks distance and maps your route. Really not much to this. It seems to capture the distance simply and accurately. What's in the box? It comes in a nice box, that includes the Tracker, two rubber cushioning spacers (one flat and one curved) and two sizes of rubber bands for attachment to the cart wheel. Designed to fit any cart with spoked wheel, not just the the BagBoy. Installation was simple, choose a rubber pad and rubber band, stretch it around the spokes of the wheel and clip on to the lips on the edges of the tracker. The initial connection to the phone via BlueTooth seemed to take a minute or two. Slower that I thought, and was concerned that it wouldn’t connect. But it connects and quickly there after. The tracker is small and very light. My first holes were some practice holes at a local range/course. I know from my Google earth measurements that it is approximately .75 miles for 1 loop (a par 5, par 3 and par 4). I typically walk 6 holes, (2 loops or 1.5 miles). One capture for 2 loops measured 1.35 miles. Keep in mind that I also do not go back to the first tee box after the last hole. Which explains the .15-mile difference. I also run my Apple Watch workout app when I play, the watch captures calories but not distance. And I also messed up a bit on the screen captures in that they were 2 minutes apart, thus the calories are a bit different. But either way they match the watch (also the watch is capturing all my physical activity. For example swings, or when I walked away from the cart to find or hit a ball. The Tracker would not as the cart was left in place. One thing you might wonder is if some of the data comes from the phone (like calories). But it seems clear that the app is calculating it’s on calories. One set of practice holes I managed to somehow delete my height and weight on the app settings, and it did not capture any calories. Distance was captured, but no calories. This past Sunday I was able to walk 9 holes. I have no way to track distance on this course, but 3.26 miles seems reasonable (this course has a quirky layout and you actually have to back track a couple time moving from green to tee on some hole transitions. Plus I almost got lost trying to find the 6 hole tee box). Calories are different, because I did walk to the range and hit a small bucket of ball first and again, there were times where I might move to a ball while leaving my cart in place (hunting balls, hitting, putting on green). The Apple Watch will capture calories for all movements since it is with me all the time. Finally, I use Arccos w/Arccos Link, since both apps must run at the same time, I was curious if they would play well together. I have enough problems with Arccos tracking shots that I didn't want to make it worse. So far, no issues or incompatibility. Only minor bug is that the BagBoy app was always on top if I open my phone to look at Arccos. I figured out later that this depends on which app you close last. The last app on top at close is there at open. But that is not common, I really want my phone to stay in the push cart (out of site and out of mind, just keep track of my shots and distance/route. The only device I want to see is my SkyCaddie GPS. Grading Looks & Feel (10 points) Not much to report here. Its small and silent. You do not know it’s there in use. Setup (15 points) Set up instructions are clear. At first it seems to take longer than expected to connect to the phone, but it connected. And after that subsequent connections are quick. I would suggest that you create a login account. You have to enter your height and weight and you can select a wheel diameter (for BagBoy carts) or manually enter the diameter. They also suggest that you place the device on a rear wheel (I assume that most times the rear wheel is always on the ground where as a front wheel might be lifted up). The device has auto on and auto off. All you have to do is spin the wheel a bit, just a push of the cart, and the tracker turns on and then auto connects when the app is running. Accuracy (15 points) Not much to say here either, it is accurate. Map routing is based on phone data so that is not a function of the device anyway. In my comparison of a known distance the Tracker showed it was accurate. And the route I took with my practice rounds I map on Google Earth and it matches. On-Course (30 points) Again, nothing to do but use it. You will not know it’s there. I put my phone in a pouch in Quad XL and it stays there. Only time I take it out is to review a hole on Arccos. What was that commercial, “set it and forget it”? Miscellaneous (10 points) I really like how it connects after the initial connection is make. They tell you to turn the wheel a bit. And the tracker will start flashing the blue light to indicate that it is on (no power switch, it is auto on and auto off). Open the app and it connects in a few seconds. Do create an a login account. I think it is required to save your settings (weight, height and wheel size, accidently learned that). As I understand, BagBoy has a rewards program to reward for your distances tracked and it stores the data in the cloud. One downside is the detailed data like route diagram, calories, and distances do not show on other devices logged into your account (in my case, my iPad). You only get a milestone progress for total miles. The app is easy to use and basic, there isn’t a lot of data anyway. Play it or Trade it? (20 points) Play it. I was planning to buy this when it hit the market. It’s $40 and I love knowing how far I walk with I walk. And enjoy seeing it on the map. I used to own a Garmin G8 and it would track fitness data (route on map and distance). I miss that. But neither Arccos nor the SkyCaddie SX400 that I use capture any fitness data. So all you numbers junkies with carts (and I raise my hand first), go get one. You’ll enjoy it. Conclusion Get one, It’s cheap, accurate, simple to use and unintrusive. Final Score: 100 points
  16. Darrell/Houston Texas Yes, I can play year round, Dec and January Apple watch with golf work out selected
  17. Darrell/Houston Texas What IOS Device Will You be Using: iPhone XS or iPad Air 3 Will You Be Testing Primarily Outdoors or Indoors: Outdoors only Will You be Using a Net Yes or No: No net
  18. Are you asking about a comparison between link and the watch? Link is better, period. Even the Arccos tech team told me not to use the watch. It’s still in beta. I tried the watch and it would miss shots and scramble shots between holes. If you have rain gear, just clip it to the rain jacket pocket. I’ve used the link for two rounds and a few practice holes, much better than my phone or watch. My only concern is loosing it. I clip mine on a pocket. Last round it hit the arm of the cart, just happened to notice it in the seat. I see some are making clips with straps. I may start clipping it to a belt. I don’t always wear shorts or pants with belts.
  19. Try polishing compound that you would use for car paint
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