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  1. Always wanted to do a serious clinic on my golf game. Would absolutely love this opportunity JJ - 28 years old Phoenix, Arizona Biggest golf bugaboo would either have to be errant tee shots or fat and thin wedges/irons from 100-200yds
  2. JJ Phoenix, AZ 18 Wishon 560MC One Length! I hit the 5 iron at the PGA super store and was blown away by the accuracy of one lenght vs. variable. Would love to be a tester.
  3. Phoenix, AZ 18 (Iron play is by far the best part of my game, still getting back into it after 10 yrs off) Wishon 560 MC
  4. Your first name : JJ Your home state or province : Phoenix, Arizona Your current handicap : 18 Your current distance measuring method (laser, GPS or eyeball) : Eyeball, Hole19 App, Sprinklers
  5. Rory Tournament: -16 Final Day: -4
  6. I know these balls are "designed for slower swing speeds" but I love playing with the Wilson Duo Urethane and have a feeling they are going to discontinue it. Would love to see if these will be a replacement. Driver Swing Speed: 105-110 (44.25in Shaft) Handicap: Approximately 18 Thanks, JJ
  7. I probably play around 20 rounds a year (but chip, putt, a hit the range about once a week) Handicap - 18 Current gamer - Ping Ketsch Heavy 36" slight arc std loft lie (was fitted at ping) Thanks for the consideration, would love to compare with my current putter.
  8. 1. JJ - Phoenix, Arizona 2. Rider and walker - But I probably ride more 3. Ogio Shredder Stand Bag
  9. JJ Phoenix, AZ Approx 110mph Tom Wishon 919 with a Steel Fiber 75 W Stiff shaft (44.25in)
  10. First name and home town - JJ from Phoenix, AZ Handicap - 18 Current irons/shafts - Wishon 560 MC Forged / KBS Tour - Stiff Custom Fit – yes or no - Yes
  11. JJ Petersen - Phoenix, Arizona My grandfather's old Ping Pal 5 P.S. First post on here!
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