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  1. Mike Escondido, CA Hdcp 8 Playing Mizuno JPX 850 forged Test the i500 Thx for the opportunity.
  2. Mike San Diego CA 7 hdcp Own the JPX 850 forged 4-gap wedge Shafts: N.S. PRO 950GH Reg flex. Would test the 900 forged.
  3. Very little difference between the drivers. Ball speed consistent with clubhead speed; launch within 1 degree except Air Force One; backspin most within 150 rpm's, all within 250 rpm's 2457/2206, except low spinning TM M1 440 & Srixon z765 2009 & 2090; apex & descent all within a couple degrees; carry, all within 5 yds except three within 7 yds; total yds all within 4 yds except three within 6 yds; yds from center all within 3 yds; shot area(consistent dispersion?) is the biggest difference I could find: Ping G SF Tec 7711/ Mizuno JPX 900 8684/ Titeist 917 D2 8820 So, obviously no matter how minute, distance is king in these tests. Why is accuracy not king? Marketing pushes distance, nothing else? Just a thought. Since my clubhead speed is high 90's to low 100's on occasion, I appreciate this test. FYI: I tried several drivers last year, and bought the Titleist 917 D2 because I hit it consistently straighter and in the same "shot area" than the others.
  4. Never tested one. Would be an honor. thx. 70ish rounds a year. Taylormade Ghost blade putter 6 hdcp.
  5. Mike McC: 6 hdcp Weapons: Driver: Titleist 915 D2 Irons: Mizuno JPX 850 forged/ Nippon 650 reg. steel shafts Wedges: XE 1 Putter: Taylormade Ghost blade Great opportunity, thanks.
  6. Gonna buy some irons. 62 year old 8 handicap playing RBZ irons factory steel shafts. The UST recoil 660 or 680 shafts look interesting.
  7. Gonna buy some irons. Been playing RBZ irons for a couple years at an 8 handicap at 62 years old. Contemplating UST graphite shafts for less weight, more club head speed. Since I've tasted the strong loft distances, I don't think I can give them up! Checking out: Aeroburners(I think longer than RSI 1's and XR's), RSI 1's(I believe more consistent dispersion which should be a priority), King forged tech's(with the UST recoil shaft could be interesting), Callaway XR's, and possibly go off the reservation to a local fitter and try Tom Wishon's(normal loft's though), Miura(probably out of my price range), Dynacraft prophet CB's. Thinking I want less offset with forged feel i.e. King forged, but we will see what trackman says and go from there.
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