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  1. Rick/ Portland, OR using an iphone 11 Will You Be Testing Primarily Outdoors or Indoors: testing primarily outdoors, but also able to test indoors. Will You be Using a Net Yes or No: Both. Backyard net and can go to the driving range easily. This would be a tremendous opportunity. I'd love to test the rhapsodo.
  2. Rick from Portland, OR 34 years old, 9 handicap Taylormade rocketblades, 4-G, These hogans looks beautiful!
  3. 1. Rick from Oregon 2.10 handicap 3. Taylormade Jetspeed with regular flex matrix velox, trimmed to 44.25 inches. 4. Driver swing speed is 86 mph, and carry is 220 on a nice day 5. Favorite staffer is Phil Mickelson
  4. I play about 20 times a year, have a 10.1 handicap, and play with an odyssey white hot rx two ball v line putter. Ever since your first write up, I've been really excited to try these new putters. I practice my putting everyday so I could give lots of feedback. I've still got my original Guerin Rife 2 bar mallet. That was a great putter! I hope I can test one.
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