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  1. Stevez


  2. Got some photos to attach of the relic I am replacing.....file:///Users/steve/Desktop/IMG_3144.JPG
  3. OK...Finally getting some info up here as this is my first post and review for MGS. I am really psyched to try this puppy out as you will see below I am still playing with the same putter I used for High School and College golf and I am 52 years old. I wanted to get something up here first before I officially review it but my first impressions are "It's time for a change and this RINGO can be the one. As you can see I like bald putters but someone yesterday told me I can get about $1000 for this old baby, but before I take the money and run, I need to have full confidence that the Ringo is for me. More to follow: ZZZZZZZZZZ
  4. I definitely need to demo this beast out at the local indoor range before the season starts
  5. Sorry about the bad profile picture but that is how I feel now that the lake has froze and the golf courses have all closed after a great long extended warm fall....Didnt get to play on Christmas Day in Upstate NY but my friends did.....Best season ever this year....Happy New Year My Spies
  6. After reading these great reviews I am definitely buying the Bushnell Tour X in the spring or if someone wants to surprise me on my birthday in February then that is great too....Love to colors as well
  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all and remember to swing hard and look up in 2016
  8. I would like test out the new Carbon Ringo putter. I am in Albany NY and play to a 6 Hcp. This would be the biggest change to my game since 1980 as I still use my Ben Hogan blade putter from my high school and college golf years. Time for a change and his putter has the most similarity. Definitely worth trying it out and making the big switch
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