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    Golfing of course, Trap and Skeet shooting sport,
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  1. Marvin Williams/Independence, MO 64055 +22/88mph Do not play a hybrid but a 3 wood 17degrees as this is the current loft of my 3W
  2. - Marvin - Missouri/Independence/USA - Ping Karsten 2014/KS 401 Graphite/Regular Flex - 153 yards WITB: Driver: Ping G SFT (12*) + Ping TFC 419 Regular" 3H: Ping Karsten 2014 + KS 401 Graphite Regular 4I: Ping G400 + AWT iron Regular 5I-PW: Ping Karsten 2014 + KS 401 Graphite Regular 52: Cleveland RTX 2.0 CB Iron Regular flex 56: Cleveland RTX 3.0 CB Iron Regular flex 60: Cleveland RTX 2.0 CB Iron Regular flex 64: C3i Wedge Flex Putter: PING Cadence TR Ketsch Heavy Putter
  3. Marvin Williams - Your current handicap , 15 - Your current golf ball, Callaway 2017 Supersoft Golf Ball - Do you feel you're a "high spin" or a "low spin" player Low Spin Like to try the MTB Black
  4. Marvin, Missouri/Independence/USA Ping G30 current driver, Ping TFC 419, Regular flex 85mph, 265 yards
  5. Marvin From the state of Missouri +18 I go between a Ping 2 iron Rapture regular flex with stock graphite TFC 949 ​ and a Ping G30 3 wood (set at 14.5) regular flex with a graphite TFC 419F And to be honest i can't hit either very well. I struggle really bad with hybrids but with my 3 wood and driving iron I'm only 50/50. My Ping Karsten irons only go to a 5 iron (which i hit my irons very solid) and i have been eyeing the Ping Crossover since they came out. I am very excited to see the results from your test whether you pick me or not. Thanks
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