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  1. Bob Kinsale, VA TM M6 Handicap: 8 SS: 102 TS13
  2. Bob/Kinsale/VA/USA Odyssey 1W EB3 - Its all about the feel/sound and Ping is extremely good at getting those right. I would love to give it try.
  3. at some point we all have been "in the zone" and made a putt. I think it is being "focused" So FOCUS..and Silence the NOISE ( around you and in your head) make the putt. Design: The background is blurry or faded and "FOCUS" is sharp. a hole and flag at the end of focus. and going from wide to small = target is small. " silence the Noise is on the top so you see it pulling off the cover and a nod to USN career with HOO YAH GEAR on the bottom. You can make it any color. I like the black/gray and white. thanks Blaster
  4. Bob - Kinsale, Va Handicap 7 SS/102 Cobra F7+ Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero preferred. But either is great
  5. Bob. Virginia handicap 7 SS 102 driver. Cobra f7+ Ping G400 SFT or G400 plus 8-9 stiff . Would like to test either of them thanks
  6. Bob Virginia handicap 8 Vokey 50/8: 54/14, 58/11 i would like to try. 50, 54, 58 thanks
  7. Bob Virginia Cobra F7+ Fujikura Pro XLR8 X I was not fitted for this driver Thanks. For the great opportunity
  8. Great opportunity.. Thanks Your First Name: Bob Home state- Virginia Current driver/shaft/shaft weight- Cobra F7+ FujiKura xlr8 Pro XS (66gr) Current swing speed- 101 mph
  9. Bob from Virginia Driver: Cobra F7+ 3wood : cobra fly Z Pro Hybrid : taylormade RBZ3 Irons : Wilson V4. 4-PW Wedges : Vokey 54 & 58 Putter : odyssey tank 1 Goals: gain 5 yards, consistently hit the fairways, tighten dispersion Handicap 8.9
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