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  1. Name, Locale, and Rounds per year: Steve S, Central Ohio, 85-110 Social Media Accounts: Facebook, Instagram Handicap and Swing Speed: 13, 88-91mph Current Set: Driver: Mizuno St-180 regular FW: Callaway XR 15 degree regular Hybrids: Cobra Amp 17.5 , Adams Tech 19 & 23 degree regular Irons: Taylormade 2016 M2 Stiff steel 5-GW Wedge: Cleveland RTX 56 degree wedge flex Desired Cobra Set: Driver: King Speedback F9 9.0 degree HZRDUS Smoke 60 stiff shaft Fairways: King Speedback F9 3- 4F & 5-6F regular graphite shaft Hybrids: King F9 Single length 3,4 & 5 regular graphite shafts Irons: King F9 Single length 6-GW Stiff graphite shafts Wedge: King Black One length wedge 56 degree 10 degree bounce Wedge flex shaft Bag: Ultralight Stand bag
  2. I don't play weekends much anymore due to slow play at some local courses. I will play weekends at certain courses with my friends just because that is the only time they can play. Even though I don't like slow play there was one time when it worked out for me. I was playing really well. Got to the the 14th at one under par. Took 40 minutes to play 14 and I birdied it. So I'm 2 under going to 15. We look and there are 4 groups waiting on 15. The guys I'm playing with look at me and " say we'll stay if you want to". I said, "no way. If I have to play this slow for the last 4 holes I'm sure I'll screw up this round". We went home and now I have a 2 under round to talk about.
  3. 1. Your first name and home state-US Only Steve Ohio 2. Your current handicap and driver swing speed 13 90mph 3. Your current driver Mizuno ST180 stiff 4. List whether you would like to review the G410 Plus or G410 SFT PLUS
  4. Your first name Steve Your home state Ohio Your current driver/shaft Mizuno-JPX-EZ(2016) Motore 6.3 X stiff Fit for driver - yes or no No
  5. Interesting comments on shaft weights. From a purely physics standpoint you really want the lightest, stiffest shaft possible. In other words, weight in the shaft does nothing to increase swing speed, in fact it does the opposite. You want the mass in the club head where it's velocity and mass can act on the ball. Another experiment you could do is measure your swing speed with increasing weight on the head of your driver. The optimum weight would be the one just before your swing slows down. My engineer friend did this and added about 10 yards to his drives. Of course, he swings fast. For us lower swing speed guys the added momentum won't add much to our length probably somewhere in the 1-5 yard range. I tried it and the results were "in the noise" of my measurements. I did, however move the weights in my driver to the forward position and dropped about 200-300 rpm backspin. That seemed to add about 5-7 yards of carry and increased roll out.
  6. As an ex-engineer I was always fascinated by the physics and mechanics of golf. I always followed the "fitting rules" on shafts as far as swing speed, etc. Then I started thinking about the physics and discussing it with a engineer friend. Bottom line is that it did not make much sense. The physics says that you want as stiff a shaft as possible with the least amount of torque. So why do slower swingers usually hit the ball better with "whipper" shafts? It doesn't add to swing speed or ball speed. But it will add loft and spin. Spin is necessary to keep the ball airborne. Slower swingers don't apply as much force to the ball as faster swingers. This results in less spin. So slower swingers need more spin; faster swingers need less or the ball will balloon. Also, if you don't hit up on the ball with a driver you'll need the shaft to "add loft". So maybe slow swingers should use stiffer shafts and 12-13 degree loft heads. The other problem with flexible shafts is they tend to add more dispersion right and left. Especially if you have a "quick" transition on the downswing. Bottom line is that my friend and I did some experimenting. We both moved the ball forward in our stance(off the front toe) to swing up into the ball at impact. We used the Ping driver study to tune our launch angles.(https://mygolfspy.com/mygolfspy-labs-the-driver-fitting-study/) With my regular shaft and 10.5 degree head setting I was hitting the ball very high and short(with 3000rpm spin). My buddy with his 9.5 degree and stiff shaft was hitting the ball high and right(he swings around 115-120mph; I'm 85-90) I set my head to 8.5, bought an X shaft(3 degree torque) and am now hitting the ball lower but as long as the Ping study says I should(spin is down to 2100). An added benefit is that my right/left misses are plus/minus 5 yards; instead of 20. My buddy went crazy and bought a triple X shaft and an 8 degree setting. His miss is now 10 yards right and 5 yards left. We are both staying in play more and out of the woods. Now, if I could just read a damn putt!!
  7. Love to walk. I play better. Gives me more time to cool off after a bad shot and more time to enjoy the good ones. But 2 cranky knees and a arthritic back have limited me to only walking 9 holes on a flat course. Looking for a "Sunday" bag so I can carry 6-7 clubs like when i was a kid. Makes you play more creatively and is a lot of fun.
  8. Your first name Steve Home state Ohio Current driver/shaft/shaft weight Mizuno JPX-EZ / Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 6.3 /69 grams Current swing speed 85 to 90mph(depending on the day) Love to do this. I've tried different swing speed trainers. Never get more than a mile or 2 improvement. 5 years ago I was swinging at 95-97mph. I'd like to get back there.
  9. Your first name Steve Your home state Ohio Your handicap 13 Your current irons set/shaft 2016 TM M2/steel stiff Your PING choice - i210 or i500 i210
  10. First name/home state or province Steve Ohio Current driver/shaft combo Mizuno JPX-EZ(2015) Motore Speeder VC6.3 X flex Swing speed/handicap 90mph 13 Preferred ST 180 loft/shaft 9.5 degree X Stiff
  11. 1. Steve, Ohio ​2. 13, 92mph 3. Mizuno Jpx-ez 8.5-12 degree, X shaft 4. G400max w/X shaft
  12. 1. Your first name and home state or province Steve Ohio 2. Your current set makeup Driver: Mizuno JPX-EZ(blue) stiff FW: Callaway XR 15 degree regular Hybrids: Adams Tech 19 & 23 degree regular Irons: Taylormade M2 Stiff steel 5-GW SW: Solus 56 degree 420CS(bent to 54 degree) Putter: Odyssey DXF6000 blade 3. Your current handicap 13 4. Your goals for the 2018 golf season Get handicap to 9 or lower Have more fun playing golf!
  13. Your first name and home state/province Steve Ohio - Your current handicap 13 - Your current golf ball Top Flite Gamer Tour -Low Spin (need more on 7, 8 and 9 irons)
  14. Steve S

    Tommy Armour?

    Saw that Tommy Armour was listed on the 2018 most wanted test list as supporting MGS testing. I thought Tommy Armour died when Sports Authority went under? 2+ years ago MGS got me interested with this article: https://mygolfspy.com/first-look-tommy-armour-845-black-driver/ I never saw anything after that although it appears that Sportchek in Canada may have or had them. Has anyone seen these drivers or any other TA equipment other than was is leftover from closeouts?
  15. Steve Columbus Ohio 11 handicap Launcher HB Driver and 3 wood Launcher HB 3 & 4 Hybrid 5 thru PW HB irons 50, 54, 60 degree cbx wedges TFi 2135 putter(no.1 or 8 whichever works better)
  16. Your Name & Age Steve S. 66 Where You Live Central Ohio Your biggest golf bugaboo (The thing that causes you to lose strokes on the golf course) I have more than one... 1. Erratic iron play from 150 yards and in. 2. Erratic chipping. I'm a Tour Striker owner and it has helped. Would really love to try this school; never been to any golf school.
  17. our first name and home state/province: Steve, Ohio Current handicap/avg score: 11-12 Have you ever gamed Wilson irons? If so, which set? no What is your current iron set? taylormade M2 2016 Tried the C200's but think my swing speed might be better suited to the D300
  18. Your first name: Steve Your home state/province: Ohio Your current handicap: 11 Your current iron set: Taylormade Burner Plus Your biggest strength & weakness to your iron game: Consistent distances, inconsistent direction(left/right misses.
  19. Steve Ohio 11 Taylormade Burner plus strength: I hit consistent distances and trajectories weakness: left to right misses are not consistent. Not good enough to play the "pro" versions of any irons...
  20. Not trying to make excuses but.....this kind of "making fun of" and "hate" has been going on LONG before Trump "made it acceptable". Difference now is people are doing it in a forum that reaches a lot more folks. It's no worse than what went on after 9/11 when muslims were targeted. The difference is today we hear or read EVERY time someone does it.
  21. I'm have a hard time understanding "cyber bullying". Turn off your feeds, stop paying attention, don't post your whole life on instagram and facebook. Oh, you can't because your making money off those things? Then get tough and ignore the dillweeds that post crap. As someone who was physically bullied in school I would have loved to have been verbally bullied. I developed a sharp tongue to combat bullies until I grew big enough to fight back physically. To those who say words hurt then lets have a fight; you hurl insults at me while I swing a 2 x 4. I'll bet I don't hurt as much as you when we are done. Thank God our armed forces are made up of tougher people than much of our population.
  22. I hope the MGS labs take this one on. http://www.golfwrx.com/412804/a-driver-with-vertical-grooves-is-about-to-hit-the-market/ I had a driver with NO grooves and tested it vs. my Rocketbalz and saw NO difference in spin numbers(all with 100-200 RPM of each other) Grooves on most drivers are so shallow and "dull" edged that I doubt they do anything.
  23. I play 3-4 rounds a week usually May thru Oct., 1-2 rounds a week the rest of the year. So somewhere between 100 to 150 rounds per year depending on the weather. I currently play to a 10 handicap. I use a Nike Method Mallet Model 005
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