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  1. Tier 1: Justin Thomas Tier 2: Matt Kuchar Tier 3: Ian Poulter Tier 4: Kiradech Aphibarnrat Tier 5: Beau Hossler Winning Score: -13
  2. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Matt Kuchar Tier 3: Charley Hoffman Tier 4: Bryson DeChambeau Tier 5: Tiger Woods Winning Score: -9 Low AM: +4
  3. Scott H. (42) Annapolis, Maryland I currently have 2 scoring ailments. 1. lose 3-4 tee shots per round causing drop shots...2. 75 yards and in (I need to get better giving myself a chance to save par) Thanks for letting me dream that I could be the winner over the next 2 weeks.
  4. Scott H - Maryland, USA Currently game Bettinardi XMP - 360. Ironically I just ordered white jumbo Bettinardi grip in white with purple lettering which I'm re-gripping tonight!! Was not custom fit (only club in my bag not custom built for me) would prefer to test and review thoroughly Queen B 9 Thanks again for letting me dream on this opportunity for a couple days/nights
  5. 1. Scott H. Baltimore, Maryland 2. handicap 7 3. current sticks are KZG blades with DG300 shafts 4. JPX900 Forged My current blades were custom assembled / MOI built after I wanted to significantly improve my ball striking. Previously I gamed a set of MP58 but my PGA professional said they had the wrong shaft for me (too light and not stiff enough). I love the current set-up of blades and I have lowered my handicap over the past year from 13/14 to 7. I really enjoy Mizuno irons (look, feel, quality) and would eagerly put them back in the bag--especially with more 'forgiveness' and hope to see the handicap continue to plummet. Thanks for the week of dreaming I could win!
  6. 1. Scott H. Maryland, US! 2. Handicap 8.0 3. Callaway 815 Big Bertha Double Black Diamond 9.0 deg (set to 10deg) with aldila rogue silver 125 msi xs shaft 4. b/w 102-105mph with carry b/w 245-255yds 5. Favorite Callaway staffer = Jonathan Byrd ​Three months ago I luckily showed up to practice at my local range the same day the were hosting a Callaway demo day. I was not very interested in testing new equipment since I've absolutely loved my driver and just returned from a golf buddies trip to Orlando where my driver was working 'just fine!' I was convinced by my PGA pro (who I take lessons from and who fitted me for my 2015 GBB DD driver) to try the new Epic driver. So I put my hat in the ring and waited my turn on the launch monitor with the Callaway rep. We used my current shaft in both my current gamer and the new GBB Epic head and we went to work comparing them side by side on the launch monitor and watching ball flight. I thought for sure he was "pulling some strings" on the data as I was averaging 15 more yards with the Epic compared to DD815. Additionally my shots missing the 'sweet spot' were not falling off my target line as far as with the DD815. I was definitely noticing significant performance improvements over my current gamer. I consistently read the comments on the MGS site about comparing old to new models and whether there are enough gains to justify the new expense. This is one test I would really enjoy putting to the course, launch monitor, and range!! Thanks for the opportunity to dream about winning while you select the 4 lucky MGS readers/members.
  7. Scott H. Annapolis/Baltimore Maryland I use a 12+ year old bushnell that has on/off slope ability. It is a large size (compared to the new ones these days) so I've been looking to get a new more compact size that could fit in a pocket. I've not been able to part with the old one because the view finder is clearer and larger than the newer models. Therefore, it would be great to compare old vs new. Thanks for the chance
  8. 25-35 rounds per year 7 hdcp current putter is Odyssey Works V-Line tank thanks for the potential opportunity.
  9. Scott H. Annapolis, Maryland, US 7.3 hdcp thanks for letting me dream for a week.
  10. Scott H. from Annapolis Maryland Handicap 13 I borrowed the 8 iron DST compressor for one range session from a co-worker 2 weeks ago. I just played in a solstice tournament last week (3 rounds of golf in one day!) and shot 3 great scores (79, 82, 79). I adjusted my address position due to the DST practice session and significantly improved my pivot. Would love to work with it over the next several weeks/months.
  11. Scott H. Maryland, United States 9hdcp Callaway double black diamond 9 deg set to 10.0 deg; aldila rogue silver stiff cut to 44.75" 103 driver swing speed
  12. Scott, Maryland, United States Callaway Big Bertha Double Black Diamond with aldila rogue black stiff flex drive swing speed average 103-105mph with average carry of 255yds​
  13. Chris--Maryland Bettinardi mid-size mallet with 3.0 superstroke grip I would try either tour or pro but like the interchangeability of the tour since I'm a major 'tinkerer' Common miss is short right​
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