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  1. I'm in, if you're still looking for someone to fill out the league.
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  3. Clint / Colorado 3.9 / 108mph Pro V1 I tried the XV 5-6 years ago, it sounds like it has improved a lot since then based on the the MGS test.
  4. Clint Denver, CO ~108 mph / 3.9 23 degree hybrid, 17 degree hybrid, 14 degree 3wd Right Handed
  5. Clint Colorado TaylorMade Spider Tour Sometimes...
  6. Clint in Colorado Callaway Rogue 9.0 (+1) Hzrdus 6.0 4.9 hdcp / ~105 mph swing speed / No, I don't own a launch monitor. Nope, I've never tried any Tour Edge clubs before.
  7. 1. Clint in Colorado 2. 5 Handicap / 105 mph 3. Callaway Rogue 4. Epic Flash
  8. I was pretty excited to try these out because I really liked the previous TP5x and played it for most of last year but I was a little disappointed when I tried them out today. It was a cold day here (30 degrees) so I'll probably give them another shot when it warms up but my first impression wasn't great. There was a decent breeze that I was playing into on some of the holes and the ball seemed like it was ballooning on mid and low irons shots into the breeze and coming up significantly short. I tried out the old TP5x on a few of the same shots and it didn't seem to have the same issue. Conversely, when I was down breeze, this ball really took off and was a little unpredictable. Has anyone else seen similar behavior? The short game feel and behavior felt similar to last year's ball and I liked the spin around the greens. I didn't really notice much of a difference with the driver. I hit both side by side on a few holes and the distance was within a few yards.
  9. 1. Clint / Colorado 2. 5.0 / 105mph 3. Callaway Rogue 4. G410 Plus
  10. When I found out that I won the contest that MGS and Wilson threw for the PGA Championship, I was pumped! I quickly realized that I hadn't hit a Wilson club in years, so, I was very curious to go try out their offerings at the PGA Superstore. I was a little skeptical, mostly because I hadn't heard much about their irons. After scoping out a few of their offerings, I narrowed it down to the Forged C300s and the FG Tour V6s. Both were great offerings, and I was seriously considering the Forged C300s but I ultimately went with the F6 Tour V6s because they were closer to the clubs I was currently playing (Callaway Apex Pros w/ Project X PXi shafts). I was instantly impressed with how the FGs felt. They provided instant feedback on the shots you hit and performed great. They have a smaller profile then some of the other clubs you might come across, but, that is to be expected of an iron in this class. I tried out a few of the stock shaft offerings and found the KBS Tours and the Dynamic Golf AMTs to be the best fit. I ended up going with the Dynamic Golds because they had a slightly higher ball speed, were more consistent, and had a better feel than the KBS Tours. I've played a few rounds with the FGs now and I'm really impressed. They are consistent and allow you to flight the ball up, down, left, and right. The AMT shafts are kind of interesting because they are weighted heavier at the bottom of the set (i.e. the Pitching Wedge has a beefier shaft than the 5-iron). I'm still getting used to the progressively weighted shafts and haven't quite nailed down my distances yet, but I'm getting there. Some of the differences I've noticed between these and my Callaway Apex Pros are that the FGs tend to be a few yards shorter but have a higher ball flight with significantly more spin. That difference could easily be attributed to the different shafts, as the PXis are lighter and designed to flight the ball a little bit lower. I would probably have to throw the same shafts into both sets to get a better idea on any differences between the heads. So far, I'm a big fan of the FGs and I would highly recommend that you give them a try the next time you are in the market for irons. If you aren't a fan of the FGs and are looking for a little bit more distance, give the Forged C300s a shot, they seemed like a fantastic option too. Now for a few pics... Unfortunately, it's been cloudy every time I've taken these clubs out to play. I'll try to snap some better pictures next time the sun is out so that you can really see these shine! Thanks again to Wilson and MGS for providing this contest and sending me a new set of clubs! I'll add more comments after I get a few more rounds in and get a better feel for the pros and cons.
  11. Tier 1: Brooks Koepka Tier 2: Tony Finau Tier 3: Thomas Pieters Tier 4: Gary Woodland Tier 5: Aaron Wise Winning Score: -15
  12. Tier 1: Tommy Fleetwood Tier 2: Francesco Molinari Tier 3: Russell Knox Tier 4: Russell Henley Tier 5: Michael Kim Winning Score: -11
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