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  1. I wear progressive lens' with transitions in them and I have no problem.  I have a pair of sunglasses that are a single lens and I like them but, then I can't read the score card or my GPC very well.  Next year when my insurance will pay for another set of glasses, I will get progressive sunglasses.

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  2. Want to play this Saturday, snow should be gone, gonna be about 56*.  Problem is with all the snow melting this week and rain on Friday, it might be pretty soggy!!!


    Like Ole Gray says, come on Spring!!!!

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  3. Got home the other night and to my surprise there was a small package in the mailbox.  I hadn't ordered anything recently so I wasn't sure what it was.

    Opened it up to find a 3 ball sleeve of the new Titleist Velocity Balls and a small note saying that these new Velocity Colors will be added to the lineup starting in Feb 2018.  It had 1 White with Red Lettering, 1 Orange & 1 Pink. 


    I had just signed up on their site last month and listed the Velocity as my ball of choice.  Pretty good of them to send them out.  I will definitely be using them, even the PINK one...lol


    Will add a picture once I get it.


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