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  1. Better you than me, supposed to be 81 here in Va today.
  2. Its not graphite Kevin, its the steel shaft with black heat shrink over it. I have noticed no difference in feel.
  3. We are staying at Harbor Lights 17th thru the 21st. I am not sure which courses we are playing, one of the guys I'm going with is setting it all up.
  4. @kevinconnors, that what feel?
  5. 1 week til Myrtle Beach and 5 days of golf, cannot wait!!!!
  6. Didn't buy this one but, just got it as a gift this week.
  7. Also, picked this up Friday for $49.95. Works great, has 4 hazard yardages per hole and shot yardage. Really happy for the price.
  8. Just ordered the Cleveland Smart Sole "C" Chipping wedge to go with my Smart Sole "S" Sand wedge.
  9. Thanks to clumsy DJ falling down his steps, I never stood a chance.....lol
  10. @downkey, I have mine set at 33", that has always been my best length.
  11. Thinking about the Cobra F6 or F7 Driver. I have a high driver flight now and the adjustable weight for flight seems like it might help me out.
  12. Dustin Johnson -15 -4 Come on DJ!!!
  13. Congrats guys. Guess I'm gonna have to try and find a used F6 or F7 now.
  14. I live 50 miles from my work and most of my golf buddies. So on the weekend when I want to play I usually go on GolfNow and reserve a tee time for myself but, I always show up early and try to get worked in with someone else. I just tell the starter "if you can please put me with someone" .
  15. Always use a tee, usually set very low but, always use it. To me it is crazy not to.
  16. RexS

    Bag Sale

    What kind of price on the bag? Love the colors, like to see more pics.
  17. Haven't had the chance yet, still looking for members in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.
  18. Never too late, I just hooked my 50 year old neighbor up with a set of starter clubs and we are getting ready to hit the range to start teaching him. Hopefully he is a quick learner so we can hit the links sooner than later.
  19. Man, i am going to Myrtle Beach 17-21 and then playing a work tournament at Fort Lee, Va on the 26th. Not sure I can do another that quick but, I sure would like to. Its about a 3 hour drive each way and a buddy of mine is about an hour away.
  20. I have gone thru a lot of putters over the years but, the MLA is my fav. Even more than the Scotty I had years ago. The Yes Groove Tube I have is the funkiest looking putter I have ever owned though.
  21. Handicap- 18 State- Virginia Swing Speed- 90-93 Distance- 220-230 Preference- F7 Love my Cobra Fly-Z driver and 3 wood. Would love to test a newer model. Been a long time since I put a brand new driver in the bag
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