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  1. I taped my heat shrink at the top before blowing on my grip so I didn't have any issues luckily. Like you I also cut it so it only went up into the grip about 1 inch.
  2. Welcome from Williamsburg, Va.
  3. Swing speed 88-93 mph (about 230 yards avg) Handicap - 18 Love softer low compression golf balls.
  4. I did end up putting on a regular grip.
  5. Got the heat shrink on the shaft and the new Limited Edition Skull SS 3.0 on. Love the way this thing looks and feels, can't wait til Friday to play it.
  6. Currently, I am playing the Cleveland 588 Altitudes. Very nice club easy to hit with a nice high loft. Not as good distance wise as my old CG4's but, easier to hit now days. Back a few years ago, the Cleveland CG4 was the best irons I ever played. I was very accurate with them and at the time I was shooting from the Mid 70's to Mid 80's, Best time ever!
  7. Pulled the trigger on my chipper (head only), will be building it this weekend. Pic shows $44 but, I picked up the head (new) on ebay for $14.
  8. @cksurfdude, yeah they change a lot as they get older. I have attached a picture of her as little puppy. Also, she likes "HER" couch like your dog does.
  9. @cksurfdude, she is a Labradoodle, Mother is a chocolate lab and father is a full size standard poodle. She has a lot of energy but, very smart and a good dog.
  10. fozcycle, gonna build it tonight. Gonna use a steel putter shaft @ 34" and a SS 2.0 grip. My putter is @ 32" with a SS 3.0 grip. I agree with all of you, if it works and saves strokes go for it. That's why I'm gonna give it a shot. If I don't like it, I guess I better schedule more practice time to get my chipping back in shape.
  11. Welcome from a former Hoosier, born and raised near Lafayette. Moved away when I joined the military in 81.
  12. Well at first I'm not gonna take anything out, will just test it out on a couple practice rounds. If I am in a tournament and really need to take something out it would probably be the 16 degree 2 hybrid I don't use very often. I normally use my 3 wood or for a little less the 3 hybrid. I just really need to do something to get my chips closer to the hole.
  13. I am in Williamsburg but, have yet to play Royal New Kent or Stonehouse. I usually play at Kiskiack GC.
  14. First I wanna say I've been playing golf for 30+ years. I thought I would never consider one of these, it just doesn't seem right to use one. Lately I've been struggling on my chips around the green. Probably because I just don't play as often and really getting out of practice. I found a new Acer XK chipper head on ebay for $13. I have shafts and grips at home to build it so I decide what the hell. Anyone else, swallowed their pride and use one?
  15. A little update on Zofi, 10 months old, 60+ lbs and still growing. Really like the way she was chillin' on the couch arm up on the arm rest.
  16. Anxious to get my black on black done next week, they look so nice!!
  17. Preparing for my Myrtle Beach trip I just bought 3 more pairs of shorts from Walmart. The green ones were $7, both cargo shorts were $8 each, all 3 pair for $23.
  18. I think it was Murwillumbah Golf Course in NSW Australia. Hard to remember for sure, its been 15 years or so. But, between the narrow tree lined fairways, lots of water, jet lag and tons of beer (I think is was mostly the beer that made it hard..lol) it was kind of a blur playing golf on my Australia trip. Also, Coyote Run GC in Lafayette, Indiana. Greens were so fast they were like marble table tops. Chipping onto the greens and getting a pitch shot to hold was unreal. Course was nice other than that.
  19. Arnie's Invitational and Waste Management no doubt!!
  20. Just ordered one of these for my MLA putter. Should be here Friday. I like my SS grips and this one will match my putter color nicely. Also, gonna install the black heat shrink on the shaft before grip install.
  21. I just ordered a new Limited Edition SS Skull Grip for my MLA putter and had been looking at black shafts too. This is a great idea and I just ordered some ebay heat shrink to do this. Was gonna put the grip on Friday but, now I will wait until the heat shrink arrives on Monday. Thanks for the idea!!!!! I will post before & after pics once I'm done.
  22. I use my compressor for all of my gripping. Just the regular little blow nozzle that the tip will fit in the hole alright with. Short little bursts and hold my hand around the grip to guide it on or off. If you spray a little grip spray in the grip hole first, a lot of times you can then add the air to remove and reuse grips if you need to. Especially if you have just installed a new grip and a couple weeks later want to change the shaft. Just be sure to take the good grip off of the old shaft prior to removal of the head, otherwise the air just shoots right out the shaft tip and won't build
  23. Welcome from a former Hoosier. I was born and raised there in the Lafayette area, left when I joined the military in '81.
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