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  1. Thanks guys, we are looking into the packages, 5 days and 4 nights. I am really looking forward to be able to play for 5 days. Hate playing just 1 day a week all the time right now.
  2. Going down 17-21 April with a group of 5 or 6 guys to play golf and drink!!! What are some of the nicer but yet affordable courses to play? $60 or less maybe..???
  3. Still have mine and love it. It will be in my bag for a long time to come. I did change the grip to a SS 3.0 when I got it but, it is getting pretty dirty already so come Friday, I am upgrading again to the SS Skull 3.0 in the picture below. Supposed to be here Friday and it will be on and ready for the weekend round.
  4. Gonna be adding South Carolina to my list soon, heading down to Myrtle Beach 17-21 April for a golf vacation with co-workers. 5 straight days of golf, haven't done that in a few years, Can't wait!!!!!
  5. State wise, not that many. Indiana, Virginia, Florida & Hawaii. But, Many courses in Japan though, lived there for 23 years.
  6. Me and my old group getting ready to hit the links at Camp Zama Army Base, Japan a few years ago.
  7. The Dart (Little Demon) is mine and the Fiat is the wife's but, my son has kinda taken it as his, he thinks.
  8. 56, ex-military and now working for the DoD now. I have 35 years of federal service.
  9. Cart only for me, I cannot walk anymore unfortunately, too many physical issues. But, at least I am able to still get out there and play.
  10. Mine would have to be my MLA Tour Classic Putter, I love this thing and it is the club I have the most confidence with on course.
  11. Where abouts in Va.? I'm in Williamsburg, I like to get out at least once a week and try to play.
  12. I've been playing what was a premier course (Williamsburg National Yorktown & Jamestown courses)for a long time but, this summer they lost a few greens and a little trouble with the rest. But, if you just like to play to practice your ball striking and just take a 2 putt once on the green it is great. We've been getting 18 holes and a cart for as little as $10 on golf now.
  13. I have already played the Driver and the 4 & 5 hybrids, like them pretty good. I hit the 6 hybrid and the irons at the golf shop and were hitting them really well. maybe 10-15 more than my Cleveland irons. Hoping for the same results on course. Looking at the forecast, I might actually get a round in this weekend or next week while I'm off. As long as it's not raining and at least in the 50's I'm good to go.
  14. Mocha 11 yr old poodle and Zofia (Zofi for short) 4 Month old Labradoodle (in this first picture) about 25 lbs at the time. In the 2nd, will be 7months old on Xmas Day. About 60 lbs now and her back almost touches the table. She sits next to the table resting her chin on it watching us while we eat. She is very smart but, also wild and crazy!!
  15. Just purchased some new Cobra Fly-Z XL clubs Driver 10.5 3 Wood 16* Hybrids 4/22* 5/25* 6/28* Irons 7-GW
  16. http://www.mla.golf/pages/promotion...... Just got an email from MLA Golf, they have introduced a variety of Super Stroke Grips into their line up for grip options now. 4 different SS options along with the standard Winn Grip option. Their promotion is going on until 11/26/2016. They have 10% of on the Tour Series Putters and 20% off on the Pro Series Putters.
  17. Just got an update email from MLA Golf this morning. They say the MLA putters will have the option of getting the Winn Grip or the Super Stoke Grips as of 1 Oct. I asked if they could send me some pics of the MLA Super Stroke grips.
  18. I found these too, not the best but, they are of Tiger and Ernie Els at the Quicken Loans last year.
  19. This is one of my favorites, of the few I actually have. This was on a visit trip back to Japan to visit old friends. Got to play a couple of rounds with my old buds while I was there. This is Camp Zama Golf Course, the best military golf course in the world!! I'm the little guy in the orange visor.
  20. Does every member get one? I haven't seen one in my mailbox yet.
  21. Sorry to hear that, sux that there are people like that out there taking peoples hard earned money.
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