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  1. if I am having a rough day and not playing too good, sometimes I will drink a couple beers to relax me. It usually helps but, only 2 or 3 at most.
  2. I totally agree with you @Kor.A.Dor, he has to power down and learn to play with more finesse like Ernie Els or Fred Couples. Both of these guys swing with what looks like no power at all. I saw Ernie play in Gainesville, Va. last year and he is amazing to watch hitting the driver. Tiger was there too but, struggling along. The biggest problem with Tiger is he still wants that huge drive but, when he tries to do it, he is usually way left or right. When he is hitting the fairways, you can tell he is not swinging as hard.
  3. Rex , Virginia I always ride, due to hip issues it is the only way I am able to play at all. I have an old (falling apart) Cleveland Golf Stand bag. But, would love a new Green and Black cart bag!!!
  4. I disagree about the back injuries, I am 55 and overweight. 4 years ago I had to have a micro discectomy just like Tiger. I was playing golf again in 6 months but, it took nearly 2 years for it to heal and become totally pain free. I feel that my back is stronger now than it has ever been. I haven't had any trouble at all in the last 2 years. On the other hand though, I don't have or have I ever had the speed or power in my swing that TW has. But, I think he is making the right decision to give it the time to heal and I think he will be back as a contender. Will he ever break Jack's reco
  5. I for one, can't wait til he comes back. I've always been a Tiger fan and always will be. When he is playing, I will record the tournaments prior to watching just so I can fast forward through everyone else just to watch Tiger. But, now I am watching more of Day, Spieth and Johnson.
  6. I just bought one a couple weeks ago. So far I like it, I can swing it around at home to practice my swing. I think it helps with your tempo. It is heavy so it will help to build those swing muscles over time if you keep using it daily I believe. Plus, it is really a great warm up tool prior to the first tee. You can carry it in your bag too and not counted as a 15th club.
  7. Rex S, Virginia, 19 hc 17 & 22 degree, senior flex graphite, mid-size grip I am an avid hybrid user. I have 4 hybrids in my bag plus I use a hybrid-irons also. I have yet to find any hybrid I like near as much as my old TM Mid Rescue's. I would absolutely love to try these.
  8. Turns out when I ordered my Cleveland 588 Hybrids through Dot.golf, they didn't actually have them in stock. So after 2 weeks of them trying to find them thru one of their local networks, they couldn't get them. So I collected my refund and went ahead and bid on and won the deal on a brand new set of Hybrids and Irons by Adams on ebay. The New Idea Velocity's. Set comes with the 3,4,5 Hybrid a 6 & 7 Hybrid-Iron and the 8,9 & Pw in cavity backs. I also, picked up the matching 2 hybrid and a Gap wedge to go with them. Everything for about $300, not too bad I thought. Anyway, th
  9. Yes, it is high priced but, the alignment aid does work. Not sure how but, I haven't putted as good as I am right now in a very long time. I also love the weight adjustability. My MLA putter will be in my bag for a very long time I believe.
  10. I played with a guy in Japan a couple times that would putt from bunkers 95% of the time, around the green anyway. Only time he wouldn't is when the lip was so big that the ball would have absolutely no chance of getting out. The weird thing he was pretty good at it.
  11. Thanks....Entry is in!!
  12. I didn't get my winners notice either.......
  13. I wouldn't know, don't think I ever made it thru 1 round on a single ball....lol For me it more like...how many balls per round? Usually 2 or 3 anyway, sometimes more.
  14. Well, I just broke down and purchased 4 new Cleveland 588 Hybrids 2, 3, 4 & 5. Started when I picked up a brand new 2 hyb & head cover on ebay for $16, What a steal! So I started looking for the 3, 4 & 5. I found all 3 of them new in one spot for $69 each, with head covers. So all 4 brand new clubs with covers for $223, shipped!!. I already have the 588 Custom Driver and the 588 Altitude 6-DW irons and Cleveland Sand Wedge. These will complete my Cleveland set. Just hope I love the Hybrids as much as the Driver and Irons. Got the 2 at home already but, won't get to tr
  15. I have been changing around a lot lately but, the ball I have found that seems to work very well for me is the Titleist Velocity. I get better distance, less left to right movement and it seems to stop pretty quick on the green for me.
  16. I will "Texas Wedge" it anytime I'm on the fringe or just a few yards off the front in the fairway. I have found that if I put my weight on my front leg and lean forward just a little, then hit the ball on a descending blow, it usually pops up a little and rolls fairly true. But, that's my preference.
  17. Being prior Navy myself, I was really rootin' for him this weekend. Couldn't have been a better tournament for him to win too.
  18. Where do I get them? I love the black with green writing, it would look good on my MLA putter.
  19. RexS

    MLA Putter News!

    Yeah, the Tour Classic already is back ordered with about a 1 week delay, according to their website.
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