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    MLA Putter News!

    You won't regret it man, I absolutely love mine.
  2. I usually try to wife them off after each shot, and if they have really dirty grooves hit them with a soft brush before a shot. Then I try to clean them really good after each round. I am very particular about my clubs, I hate nicked, scratched or dirty clubs.
  3. RexS

    MLA Putter News!

    Thanks Foz Yeah Judge, I was actually really surprised that they took my suggestion and acted on it so quickly. I just sent them the email about a week ago.
  4. RexS

    MLA Putter News!

    Hey Guys, after my review of the MLA Putter, I sent an email directly to MLA. I questioned if the Winn midsize grip was the largest they offered, which it is. I told them I really liked the Winn midsize but, really preferred a little larger. I suggested that they do like Odyssey and some of the other makers and get some company logo Super Strokes in the larger options. They are also introducing a new model for 2017 It is the TOUR CLASSIC BLADE TH (Toe Hang) version. This is the email I received from them this morning:
  5. I saw a video of Spieth in a practice round the other. He was in the rough near the ropes off the tee. His second shot only went about 20 to 30 yards and he was still in the rough. Sitting here at work today watching it on the computer, "rough" day.....lol
  6. A few weeks ago I bought a TM Aeroburner mini driver 14*. Although I liked the look and size of it, I just could not hit it straight, anywhere near straight or get any distance. Over the last few years I have had A Nike Mach 8, a Nike Covert (best at the time for me) and most recently also a TM SLDR-S 14* (Hit it really high). No matter what club I had, my longest drive might be near 210, most of the time 190-200. I took in my TM Mini to the local golf shop the other day looking to trade for my next un-hittable club.....lol I found a Cleveland 588 custom 10.5*, in excellent sha
  7. Stage Three - The Follow Up & Value Question. Hey guys, my final review and follow up of the MLA Putter. First off, I must say that I came in to this whole review process knowing that I wanted to be as fair and honest about my findings as I could be. I believe that I have been too. I really enjoyed the whole process and this being my first time doing any kind of review has been a learning experience. I look forward to the opportunity to do more in the future and I know that my reviews will get better and better and include more pictures, videos and graphs. 1. Will this produ
  8. Thanks, Just signed up for mine.
  9. Just out of curiosity has anyone ever hit one of these? Does it get the extra distance it claims? Does it help reduce your slice? I know it is illegal to play but, I was just wondering if maybe it would be a nice 2nd driver for those rounds you just play for the fun it of it with your buddies.
  10. My thoughts exactly, 1 magnet and a little wider would be perfect.
  11. My Stage 2 is up, unfortunately my computer is not letting insert the graph & pics in between different sections where I wanted them. So for now they are all at the end.
  12. Man, I know exactly how you feel. The driver is my biggest nemesis 90% of the time. On extremely bad days it stays in the bag and I tee off with either my 4 wood or a 2 hybrid. I normally play a big fade shot, many times a slice. But, what I hate is when you set up to play that fade or slice and then hit it dead straight left into the trees or snap hook it even further. I always say who ever named this game "GOLF" got it backwards, it should have been "FLOG"
  13. Welcome mate, I love the Queensland and Brisbane (Gold Coast) areas. I have visited there twice while I was living in Japan. In Japan I became friends with and Australian PGA pro who was teaching English there with his wife. Great people there and loved my visits.
  14. Welcome to the forum.
  15. I spent last Friday and Saturday at Moparpalooza 2016 near Richmond, Va. at the new Dominion Raceway. Lots of beautiful Mopar's especially them Hellcat's. The wounded warrior that Jay Leno gave the red Challenger Hellcat to was there with his. And then there was me and my lowly Dart...lol. At least it's mine and all paid for, no payments!!!! Unfortunately it rained on Saturday (Show Day) I got 2nd place out of 10 Darts. I didn't even bother unloading my trunk or back seat either. Maybe why I only got 2nd...lol Love the 3rd and 4th pic down, an old 70's Cuda with a new 5.7 ltr Hemi in i
  16. Stage Two - The Review MLA Putters – Official MGS Forum Review by RexS First off, I want to say that I am very, very grateful for the opportunity to test and review this putter. I am a higher handicap, average around 18-20 over per round. Prior to this test I was using my Yes, Groove Tube putter. It is also what I am using on the putting green comparison. My biggest problem though is NOT my putter but, my driver, both distance and accuracy. Due to bad hips and back surgery, now days I am only hitting about 200 to 210 with the driver on good days. I think a lot of this is not
  17. Stage One: First off, let me say I am very happy to be chosen to do a review of this putter for the MGS readers. I would like to thank both MGS and MLA Putters for this opportunity. I am currently using the Yes, Groove Tube putter (Ugly but effective) but, I am really excited to get testing this new MLA putter, it is absolutely gorgeous. I think it will be as awesome to use as it is to look at. When I opened the box for the new MLA putter I was excited to find 2 beautiful MLA Golf Hats (very surprised) along with the following: Putter, Head Cover and Weight Set w/tool. Mill work on this putter
  18. Not a fan, reminds me of sweat pants, not very classy.
  19. I have the Smart Sole Sand Wedge 58* and I love it. Very easy to hit out of the bunkers. I don't really have any cons for it.
  20. I agree 100% with what Peterpc2828 said above. Also, say for instance you are looking at a Taylormade club to buy, go to the Taylormade Golf website. Look at the bottom of the Home page in the Company Info you will see "Authorized Online Retailers". On the Callaway Golf site it is under HELP at the bottom and it is "Online Retailers". I just started buying and selling a couple months ago, and soooooo far, I have had nothing but good experiences. Also, once I completed my first sell on ebay, they gave me a $50 credit to use to buy anything through them, Was awesome. When selling,
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