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  1. I hope to get out this weekend at least once and again next week once or twice. Have 2 tournaments coming up on the 15th and the 23rd. Hit the local putting green yesterday and really like the feel of this thing so far.
  2. Me too, I already have a lot to write and some pics.....lol I went with the Tour Classic also, great looking putter.
  3. Welcome, where abouts in Va? I am in Williamsburg and always looking for someone to go out with on the weekends.
  4. I know a lot of people don't like him and would like to see him retire. I myself am a big fan, love to watch the guy play, good or bad. Of course good is always better. I hope he can make a come back and still compete. I am totally rootin' for him.
  5. Putter is in, it is very nice and I am anxious to get the reviews and pics started.
  6. I watched most of this tournament this weekend. First one of the LPGA tournaments I've really paid much attention too. I mostly just watch the LPGA highlights, same for the Champions Tour. I am looking forward to the LPGA Kingsmill Championship next month though since I live right in Williamsburg and already have free tickets for any one day. So I will be there on Sunday.
  7. Wooow, MLA Putter shipped from Geneva on 22 April and it is already at the house today. Can't wait to get home this evening and see how it looks. Pictures coming soon!!
  8. I just sold my Nike Covert Driver and regretting it. I picked up a TM SLDR-S and so far not too happy. I may be going back to a Nike soon. I really like the looks of the Coverts and all of the Vapor models, nice looking clubs. I don't know if Tiger is hurting them or not but, I am still a big fan and love to watch the guy play. Rory is getting better and playing worse, I think that is what happened to Tiger also.
  9. Welcome man, I am right up in Williamsburg. I do play Newport News, Kiln Creek and Fort Eustis sometimes. Unfortunately, I only get to play about once a week right now. Can't wait to retire in a few years so I can play a lot more.
  10. Awesome, thanks for the opportunity to test and review some nice equipment. These are really good looking putters and I hope they put as good as they look or better! I have emailed my info back to you already. Hope I got it all, if not let me know.
  11. Oooooh where to begin. Here is everything that I can remember, may have missed a couple. Did a lot of Gym Khana Racing (Similar to Autocross) in Japan for years. Hence, the Fairlady Z's, Skylines, Gazelle's and Sylvia's. The Dodge Dart is what I am driving now. The Fiat 500 is my wife's car now. The Caliber SRT4 is the favorite car I have ever owned. 2.4 Ltr Turbo 6 speed manual, stock was 285hp. With Computer upgrade, Exhaust, CAI, and many, many other mods it was pushing about 350hp and could still get 33 mpg. Has won many first place show awards.
  12. No pics but, I am a visor man myself. I have an Orange Adidas or a Tan Titleist visor I usually wear.
  13. You can pick a NEW TM Aeroburner Mini Driver off ebay now with free shipping for less than $100. When you find one, check the company, then go to the TM website (In the link below). They will give you a complete list of authorized TM ebay sellers. http://taylormadegolf.com/shared-customer-service/customerService-authorizedonline.html I just picked one up for $89 shipped, from tee2green6931. It came in the mail yesterday, got her in 2 days. Can't wait to try it out tomorrow afternoon. Actually had a $50 ebay coupon and $22 left in my PP account from selling some old clubs so I basica
  14. Here are some pics and info I found online. It says it is NON-Conforming also.
  15. Rex / Williamsburg, Virginia TM SLDR-S, 14*, Fujikura Speeder 57, Senior Flex SS 85-90 AVG Carry 200 to 210
  16. Was on ebay looking around yesterday, found a brand new TM Aero Burner Mini Driver with Head Cover for $89.00. Also, found out that I had a $50 off coupon sitting in ebay waiting for me. So $89 minus the $50 off was $39, plus I still had $22 sitting in PayPal leftover from some recent club sales. So all in all, I bought a Brand New TM Aero Burner Mini Driver for $17 and shipping was free. WHAT A DEAL!!!!! Club is a 14* Senior Flex, which is just what I wanted.
  17. Looking forward to watching, got my DVR all set up to record everything.
  18. Wow, $20.99 for a dozen soft yellow balls and FREE shipping in the continental US. I will be ordering some of these for sure. Very anxious to give them a try, GREAT DEAL!!!
  19. - Rex, Virginia - Yes, Groove Tube & Yes, Emma - The Tour Classic - Your common miss: left
  20. I am a big fan of Ai Miyazato's very happy to see her have a good start. I hope she keeps it up.
  21. Just picked this up on ebay brand new for $22.99. It is the Yes Groove Tube Putter, very ugly to look at but, I've had my best 2 rounds of putting the last couple of times out. Even though it is gawdy looking , it putt's very nicely. I believe it may be in my bag for a while. I have always been a Yes Putter fan too, the putter I used before this one was the Yes Emma.
  22. Glad you got it back, I had a similar situation happen in Japan while I was stationed there. Came out of the apartment one morning to get on my bike to head to work and only thing there was the cover. Headed down the street to the Japanese police dept. and filed a report. They said there was a string of bike thefts going on lately and they suspected foreigners of it. They were stealing them and shipping them overseas in containers. I figured I would never see her again, btw it was only 2 months old at the time. Anyway, about an hour later I got a phone call and they found it sitting at a nea
  23. This is the last course I was an actual member at, Camp Zama Golf Course @ Camp Zama Army Base Japan. The #1 military course in the world. Played here for over 20 years. Not a member here but, it is where I play most of the time now. Kiskiack Golf Club, Williamsburg, Va.
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