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  1. I went on Sunday last year to watch but, if its raining and stormy all week I'll be watching from my nice dry recliner at home!
  2. Rex Virginia No, I don't use performance tracking but, would like to try. No, but I have been looking to get one. None in particular, just looking for good one at a good deal.
  3. US Navy Cryptologic Technician Maintenance 1981-1990 DoD - still serving 1991 to present
  4. Rex - Virginia Cobra Fly Z-XL 9.5 - regular flex 85-90 mph 200-210 17 Would love to test this, I have all Cleveland Irons & Wedges already.
  5. 1. Rex Virginia 2. HC 17.2 3. Cobra Fly-Z XL 10.5 senior flex 4. G400 Max 9.0 Regular flex
  6. Rex - Virginia Cobra Fly-Z XL Driver & 3 Wood Cobra Max 5 Wood Cobra Fly-Z XL & Taylormade MID Hybrids Cleveland Altitude Irons Cleveland wedges MLA Putter HC - 17 Always looking to improve my game and to be able to figure out exactly what club to use for the best yardages would be a total game changer. I would love the opportunity to try this.
  7. I wear progressive lens' with transitions in them and I have no problem. I have a pair of sunglasses that are a single lens and I like them but, then I can't read the score card or my GPC very well. Next year when my insurance will pay for another set of glasses, I will get progressive sunglasses.
  8. My old Taylor Made Mid Rescue Hybrids 2,3,4&5. They have been in my bag for a long time. I have tried to replace them but, always seem to go back in the bag.
  9. @sbenson197, like you, all I ever use is the same Home Depot epoxy you use. I have never had a problem and I have built quite a few clubs. I just re-shafted all 3 of my wedges this last weekend.
  10. Played the last weekend in Dec but, haven't been out in 2018 yet. It is looking good for this weekend though sunny and 56* on Sat & Sunny 60* on Sun. A little snow expected tomorrow but, it won't last. too warm this week. Hope to be hittin' 'em on Sat.
  11. Want to play this Saturday, snow should be gone, gonna be about 56*. Problem is with all the snow melting this week and rain on Friday, it might be pretty soggy!!! Like Ole Gray says, come on Spring!!!!
  12. Got home the other night and to my surprise there was a small package in the mailbox. I hadn't ordered anything recently so I wasn't sure what it was. Opened it up to find a 3 ball sleeve of the new Titleist Velocity Balls and a small note saying that these new Velocity Colors will be added to the lineup starting in Feb 2018. It had 1 White with Red Lettering, 1 Orange & 1 Pink. I had just signed up on their site last month and listed the Velocity as my ball of choice. Pretty good of them to send them out. I will definitely be using them, even the PINK one...lol Will add a pi
  13. Picture from my back deck yesterday after the snow stopped here in Williamsburg, Va. No golf this weekend, temp wont be above freezing until at least Monday.
  14. 5* on my drive into work this morning, we are expecting about 4-6 inches of snow this evening thru tomorrow morning. No golf this weekend. But, the following weekend they are saying back up near 50*...????
  15. I have Cobra Driver, 3 wood, 5 wood and a 6 hybrid. All irons & wedges are Cleveland though.
  16. Around 1977 when I played my first round of golf in high school, I think was the only time I ever used a wood driver. After that round I didn't play again until about 1986 when I got hooked on it and bought a set with a metal driver and fairway woods. They were the old Spalding Executive XE's. The irons in the set were like the original hybrid irons of the day.
  17. Anyone in the Williamsburg or Hampton Roads area, if you are interested in playing Kiskiack on Sat there is 1 tee time still left on Golf Now for $24. We have group of 3 already. Supposed to be about 70* on Sat too. Plus if you book it thru Golf Now using the code HAPPYHOLIDAYS you will receive 3 $20 Hot Deal codes on there recent promotion going on until 1 Jan.
  18. Golf Now has a great deal going on until 1 Jan 18. Buy 1 Hot Deal tee time and play before 1 Jan, and you will receive 3 Hot Deal $20 codes. ($60 in codes) When you book use the code HAPPYHOLIDAYS in all caps for it to work.
  19. These are awesome grips, I want another to put back on my MLA Tour Classic.
  20. It's about time, It was stupid letting people call that in.
  21. Calling for snow flurries tonight and tomorrow, highs in the mid 40's during the daytime. Just hope there's no accumulation, tee time is at 12:15 on Sunday
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