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  1. Playing in a best ball tournament last Thursday, our group had 4 bad drives on a Par 4. The best shot we had, was my drive and we were left of the cart path in the thin rough and about 178 from the pin. It was also windy and we were playing into wind of about 15 to 20 mph. I pulled my 3 wood, choked up about an inch or so and took a 3/4 swing. It landed the green and stopped 12" from the cup.
  2. My 12 yr old Grandson visiting from Indiana, got to take him out and play our first round together. Had a good time with him, he has a really good short game but, we have to work on his drive. Played at Langley AFB, kids play for FREE!!
  3. Everyday is no shave day for me, can't remember the last time I shaved it all off.
  4. Welcome from the Hampton Roads area!
  5. Rex - Williamsburg, Va. 16 hcp Would love the Launcher HB's Driver, FW, Hyb & irons along with those beautiful CBX wedges and a HB6 Putter with oversize grip. I am a huge Cleveland fan, play the Cleveland 588 Altitudes now!
  6. Played Kiln Creek in Newport News Saturday and shot my best game in a few years. 83, 42 front and 41 back, came in to 18 only 3 over on the back, needed par for 39 and ended with a double. But, all in all I was very happy. Just wish I could shoo this consistently.
  7. My wild and crazy 16 month old Labradoodle and the wife's miniature poodle.
  8. My old TM Mid Rescue's 2, 3, 4 & 5 will not leave my bag for a long time yet. I have tried to replace them a few times but, they always end up back in the bag. They were so nicked and scratched that I just removed all paint. They are now solid silver metal.
  9. Still here, try to hit it up as much as possible.
  10. One of Zofi's favorite napping positions.
  11. Zofia enjoying her car ride as usual!!
  12. Wow, this comes up and last night when I was leaving the base, driving right along the golf course. I see this group on the tee box and the guy standing over his ball ready to hit. So as I drive along I am kinda watching the fairway to see where his ball goes. Then, it hits the road a few feet from my drivers door and bounces over the hood past the front of my car. I slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting it. I bet the guy bout crapped himself for a second. Anyway, it missed me so I hit the gas and kept going. It was close though.
  13. Never hit a car but, I have been hit by a sliced drive while driving my car down the road near by. Put a nice dent in my hood and scared the crap out of me.
  14. I play the Cleveland 588 Altitude Irons and love them. If you like a high launching iron these are great. The new HB is very similar looking and should perform about the same way. Would love to test them out, and really wanna try that driver and 3 wood.
  15. Welcome from the Hampton Roads area.
  16. I haven't played Kiln Creek this year yet and was wondering what kind of condition is it in? Just booked a Hot Deal for $18.
  17. Rex - Virginia MLA Tour Classic RH 33" O-Works Red#7S Right Hand 33" length Thanks for the consideration.
  18. May be looking to play in Hampton this Sun. How are the Woodlands and Hampton Courses, Or the Langley AFB Course? Looking to stay around the $30 range.
  19. A few pics from the round on Saturday at Royal New Kent in Va. Links style, very difficult course. So many blind tee shots.
  20. I will put the actual score down but, the line underneath it I will use +/- numbers to make it easier to add at the end.
  21. Welcome from Williamsburg. Where are you located?
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