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  1. Some pics from Deer Run in Newport News, VA yesterday. Love the Dragonfly caught in the last pic, looks like a giant.
  2. I'm on THP & WRX too but not very often. I am always on MGS checking out what's happening. MGS has the best group of people.
  3. Rex Virginia Cobra Fly-Z / Aldila NV 55 senior flex 85-90 mph 190-210 Rex Sigo Android
  4. Just signed up, thank you!
  5. In Myrtle Beach back in April I had 3 hole outs in the 7 rounds we played. The best one was about 60-70 yards out and over a bunker, it hit the green rolled forward, turned right and went right in. Then had another from about 20-30 yards out. Last one was only about 15 yards out. Years ago (when I had a longer drive) I drove the green on a 285 yard par 4 hole and ball stopped 12" short of the pin, tapped in for Eagle.
  6. RexS


    My MLA Tour Classic is heavy, with 3 different weight sets plus, I have the SuperStroke 3.0 grip with 50g weight in it also. Someone on here was trying to sell one like this one too.
  7. Anyone who is Military, Retired Military or a Veteran, go to the link below to claim your free tickets for all 4 days. Thur 19 Oct is the Pro-Am Day 20-22 Oct are Tournament Days http://www.pgatour.com/champions/tournament/dominion-energy-charity-classic/tickets.html Scroll down to the "Military & Veteran Tickets" button, click it, pick 1 of the 4 choices. Check which days you want to go, or all 4 if you want to go everyday. Print Vouchers
  8. I have both the Original Smart Sole C & S wedges. Really love the S, at 58* I use it as a Lob wedge too for nice high flop shots.
  9. Same skill level or better preferred! Or at least close behind.
  10. Welcome from Virginia. I have been playing golf with a fella from Iowa lately. He is here working on a new Discount Tire store in town.
  11. RexS

    Hidden Gems

    Camp Zama (Army Base) Golf Course, Japan. Not only is it one the best military courses in the world, it is one of the best courses I have ever played. I returned back to the states in 2008 and this last year I have been applying for jobs to get back over there again so I can renew my membership. The Klipper in Kaneohe Bay, Hi has the most beautiful back nine though.
  12. RexS

    Golf Indiana

    My brother got us a tee times at The Ravines in West Lafayette for Monday morning (Jul 3rd). Always look forward to visit family and play golf with my brother.
  13. I used to play the tips when I was younger and had a nice long drive. Now days, getting older, back surgery, two bad hips and 1 bad knee, so I play the whites (1 behind the senior tees). I should be playing the senior tee's for my distance but, can't bring myself to move up yet. Even though I should, I would feel guilty being I'm not 60 yet.
  14. Welcome, I'll be up in the Lafayette (Purdue) area next week for the 4th. Leaving Va on Friday. I was born and raised in Indiana.
  15. Welcome from Williamsburg. I've played Kiln Creek a few times. It seems like every time I did it was always after a rain and really wet there. Never played that course dry yet.
  16. For probably 20 years I never used a 3 wood (couldn't hit one straight to save my life) I have always used my hybrids, I carry a 2, 3, 4 & 5, Love them. But this last year after reading lots of reviews on the Cobra Fly-Z XL offset Driver and FW's I decided to find a good used one and give it a shot. And I absolutely LOVE IT! I am hitting the 3 wood just a little over 200 yards which is almost as far as my driver. My 2 Hybrid I usually hit around 180-190. So I have gained yardage.
  17. I have been wearing no line bi-focals for years, I haven't had any real problems that I'm aware of.
  18. Welcome from Hampton Roads area.
  19. Welcome from Williamsburg, I occasionally play on Fridays, off every other one. Play mostly weekends though. Kiskiack GC is my course of choice usually.
  20. @downlowkey You have to give that TM Mid Rescue a few test hits. These are still my favorite clubs in the bag. I have the 2, 3, 4 & 5. That Ping Putter looks like it is in great shape too. Great finds!!
  21. Rex / Virginia HC 17 Cleveland 588 JPX 900 HM 5-SW Graph Reg Lite Awesome looking club and would love to try test them out.
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