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  1. Weather is crappy lately, almost 2 straight weeks of rain here in Va. Hard to schedule a round of golf when you don't know if it really is going to rain or not. still another week of rain forecasted
  2. Looking to buy a new Aldila NV Green shaft for my driver, I need to bring my launch angle down.
  3. If I remember right, I bought my Cleveland 588 Altitude Irons 6-DW (6 piece set) for $145 New.
  4. Welcome Tyler from another Williamsburg Golfer. I like to play Kiskiack most of the time, do try to do Colonial Heritage once in awhile, Deer Run, Kiln Creek or at Fort Eustis, Langley or other bases. Always looking for local members to hook up with. Not sure the weather is going to allow it this weekend though, not looking good.
  5. I normally don't mark mine anymore. If I do, for a tournament or whatever I will put a blue or green alignment line on them.
  6. Mmmmmm.... nice fresh New England Lobster Roll... :P :P :P
  7. Congrats guys, I believe you will thoroughly enjoy this putter. I have the MLA Tour Classic from the previous test. Probably won't be leaving my bag anytime soon either, unless one of ya prefer the more classic look and wanna trade later on......lol. My only regret is not picking the Xdream to begin with.
  8. RexS

    Golf Indiana

    Played Coyote Crossing 1 time years ago. The greens were so freaking fast that my brother and I just kept chipping back and forth across the greens like ping pong. Putted everything past the hole if it didn't fall in. Fastest greens I have ever played.
  9. How much did you give for them? nice looking putter.
  10. I picked up a decent Titleist bag for $6 at Goodwill a while back, gave it to a neighbor who is starting out as a new golfer. But, I haven't seen any clubs worth picking up yet, of course there was nothing even close to what you got, just old junk. Nice haul man!
  11. Wow, never seen a SuperStroke putter before. I didn't know they made any.
  12. RexS

    Golf Indiana

    Hoping to get back home to the Lafayette area around the 4th of july. If I do make it I will be looking to play a couple of rounds in the Lafayette or Monticello area.
  13. The Queen of the House on her throne!!!
  14. Most definitely the little switchblade style. It folds up and does not stab you. Push the button and PAPOW, its ready.
  15. I would have to say it is a tie between all 4 of my old TM Mid Rescue Hybrids. I have the 16, 19, 22 & 25. I just hit these clubs so well. I have tried so many different hybrids over the last 10-15 years it is ridiculous. But, I always end up with these old TM's back in my bag and the new ones up for sale on ebay. I don't know why I even bother trying to find something better. The funny thing is, that the paint/powder coating was so dinged and scratched that I just stripped it all off a few years ago and don't have to worry about it any longer. The entire head on these are all si
  16. For me it's the driver that always gives me the most problems, been fighting it for a few years now. I have recently gotten rid of my slice by doing a grip change and concentrating on a full hip turn on my backswing but, still struggling to get some distance and a lower ball flight. I hit the driver really high.
  17. Welcome, enjoy the site! I was born and raised in Indiana, I was there until I joined the Navy.
  18. Welcome, enjoy the site.
  19. Welcome, enjoy the site.
  20. The YES Groove Tube, Ugly as sin but, it works well. I still have it and the only reason its not in my bag is because the MLA Tour Classic took its place.
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