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  1. 1. 56 2. Ball speed unknown. CH speed 95-100 3. Titleist Velocity.
  2. A few I like, wish I had a better zoom on my phone!!! from the Kingsmill Championship.
  3. Love my Super Stoke Mid Slim 3.0, here's mine.
  4. Not a member yet but, the course near me I want to join is $239 a month including cart and range balls.
  5. I came across this site one day while net surfing for all things golf. I just kinda sat here and started reading some of the threads and thought it was a great site for me to join. Haven't regretted it yet!! Some great people on here and I wish we were all closer together so I could get some rounds in with everyone.
  6. I am a huge fan of the Titleist Velocity. For my SS and age, it helps me to get it out there a little further and still pretty good around the greens. Less side spin too for straighter drives.
  7. 1. Williamsburg, Va. 2. MLA Golf Tour Classic 3.Long Putts 10+ foot and out Love my MLA, and would love to test the XDream against the Tour Classic.
  8. Cars and Woodworking for me.
  9. I have my right index usually slightly curled but, away from the other fingers. Between this and keeping my right hand pressure extremely light, I hit the ball much better.
  10. Boy would I like to try one of these.
  11. She did kick some butt, got to see that winning putt on 18. Here she is walking onto the 18th to finish it all up.
  12. Welcome to the site, enjoy!
  13. There are 3 courses but, according to the website the Woods Course is the members only course. It doesn't matter to me though because all 3 courses are too Rich for my wallet.
  14. Escalante Golf Inc. out of Fort Worth Texas.
  15. Some of my longest drives are mishits. I have a tendency to occasionally hit a nice hard pull left. These pulls are usually dead straight and longer than my normal drive, no fade at all but, they are usually in the fairway left of ours or in the woods. At least if they're in the next fairway I have a somewhat chance at playing it.
  16. So I wonder if this will be the last year for the LPGA at Kingsmill. The new owners have been making a lot of changes. They let about 70% of the staff go this year to bring in all their own.
  17. 1. Rex - Va. 2. 18 3. Cobra Fly-Z Aldila DVS Senior shaft 4. 85-90 mph & 190-200 carry. 5. Jim Furyk Thanks for the opportunity, would love to give this a try.
  18. C for sure, especially on the driver. I know I'm getting older but, the distance I have lost is drastic.
  19. Still have some left, can use PayPal for payment.
  20. I will be there on Sunday watching the finale. Looking forward to it, hope the weather is better than last year.
  21. The girls will be getting my eyes on this weekend, heading out to Kingsmill on Sunday to watch them.
  22. Whoomp there it is, by Tag Team.
  23. I haven't had any luck with anythng Callaway or Ping Irons.
  24. Zofi thinks she is a lap dog.......NOT....she's 11 months and up to 65 lbs now. A couple more of her favorite relaxing positions on her couch.
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