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    Welcome, enjoy!
  2. Traditional dominant right hand low, and love the Superstroke 3.0 grip.
  3. I am usually pretty good out of the bunkers. Occasionally I will play somewhere where the sand is just too soft for me. I don't like the really soft sand.
  4. Try heat shrink on it. You would have to remove either the grip or the head to do it though.
  5. Not brand loyal, I have a good mix of makes in my bag. Its all about what works best, new or old. My old TM Mid Rescue's always seem to find their way back into my bag. Just can't find any hybrids I like as much,
  6. Was just down there last week, the Legends is nice but, very long for me. I really liked the Man O War myself. There is quite a bit of water. Good rate with a even better replay rate for the 2nd round on the same day.
  7. I usually show up early, hit a few chips and putts for 15 to 20 minutes. Then just before teeing it up I'll take about 10 to 12 swings of the Orange Whip to try and groove my swing and stretch me out a little.
  8. @3under, I don't think that is the case here, the shafts broke off just above the hosel here. They didn't just come loose and fly off.
  9. I have actually been looking into a complete set of covers for everything lately, so yes, I would rock em!
  10. Hey man, I'm in Williamsburg but, I haven't seen too many others from our area on here. I occasionally play Deer Run, Kiln Creek or Fort Eustis courses. I prefer Kiskiack here in Williamsburg though.
  11. Welcome from another Va golfer, not born and raised her though...lol Been here since 2008.
  12. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make this one. But, if you have anymore please let me know.
  13. We stopped at Sea-Trail and played the Rhys Jones course on Mon. Played the Man-O-War twice on Tuesday (I liked this course). Played the Legends Parkland course Wed. morning, very long course for me, a little difficult. Played a par 3 course Wed afternoon. Played Whispering Pines twice on Thur. I was beat and ready for a break but, I enjoyed it a lot.
  14. Pics from Sea-Trail Rhys Jones course in NC.
  15. A few pics from Man O War in Myrtle Beach last week.
  16. A few pics from Man O War in Myrtle Beach last week.
  17. This was one of my very favorite cars I've owned. I sure regret trading it in, traded it in on the Dart. 2008 Caliber SRT-4 Many mods done was pushing about 350 HP out of the 4 cylinder turbo. I put 155,000 miles on it in the 6 years I had it. The engine bay still looked as clean as it does in the picture. Always kept it clean and spotless, and it won many car show awards.
  18. Rex Virginia 19.1 Cleveland 588's Strength is consistency in the shorter irons, 5 thru Wedges. Weakness is definitely the longer 3 & 4 irons Would love the opportunity to test these.
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