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  1. Always liked Martin's instruction videos, and own a tour stricker iron. Devan Singh, 47 Copake, NY Everything 125 yards and in, including pitching, chipping, putting is usually what does me in.
  2. Stage 1 Hello everybody! First off thank you MyGolfSpy for giving me the opportunity to test out Cleveland's new RTX-3 wedges. I own a previous model of Cleveand wegdes of which I have been playing for about 8 years so having the chance to work with this new generation of wedges is very timely. My Story: I started playing the game later in life in my mid-30's. Before then I never picked up a club or went to a golf course before, however I was a fan of the sport and always watched golf on TV whenever I could. We could thank someone with the initials TW for that. I recall fondly
  3. Quasi DeChambeau topic but would like to hear some thoughts about having all wedges in your bag the same length. Or at least 2-3 wedges. Personally this year I've been playing all the same length from 60 deg to Gap, Mizuno S5 wedges. My PW is longer. This way my swing "feels" the same. Sometimes I choke down. But I can't imagine the benefit for example of having a 60 deg wedge 1/4" shorter than a 56 deg. The reason I'm asking I'm also reviewing some wedges for MGS which are all same length and I may incorporate some comparisons with clubs of different lengths.
  4. I just picked me up a pair of Plantronics Back Beat Go 2 wireless earbuds. Primarily so I can drive hands free but I also wanted something lite so I can try it out for a round when I play by myself. So far they are comfortable, they fit my ear (and come with different size ear buds) and most importantly they stay in and don't fall out or feel like they are in the way. I'm not too concerned with sound quality but to me sound is clear enough. Battery last about 4-5 hours, perfect for the average 18 holes. What are you guys using? If not, have you considered adding earbuds to th
  5. Devan NY 14 Mizuno S5 60*, 56*, Mizuno JPX-EZ forged GW 50*
  6. Lately there has been a rash of online news and videos of guys duking it out or getting stabbed on the golf course for slow play. Just today I read some woman ran over a military vet with a golf cart and fractured his leg for playing music on the course. It's getting scary out there guys, be careful and show some courtesy its just a game.
  7. Jlukes: Pumas's Ignite Spikeless (Not the Sport version I reviewed) offers a two-year water-proof warranty. My current golf shoes offers a two year warranty. I think two year warranty is standard for most. And they DO advertise "Stability, Fit and Flexibilty" on their website……….http://www.cobragolf.com/pumagolf/ignite-spikeless-sport I agree with you there are other golf shoes that offer stability and if that is what you need over movement and comfort then the Sport version is not for you.
  8. Thanks for the great reviews everyone. I will now definately try the driver and FW's now to compliment and complete my bag along with my JPX-EZ irons and Mizuno wedges!
  9. Stage 2 Reserved Puma Ignite Spikeless Sport Review Ok, I walked a few rounds with these kicks on and have enough feedback to give you guys a review. Performance Comfort First of let me say this, they are very, very comfortable right out of the box. There's no break in period needed, just slip them on (more on that later) and go play a round or two. Traction Being that this is my very first pair of "spikeless" shoes that I have ever tried on I will say I was very surprised by the trac
  10. Stage 1 Reserved This is very cool! I get to test out a piece of equipment and I do consider golf shoes equipment and the 15th club in the bag. It's the one piece of equipment that connects the swing to 'terra firma' and as we all know the golf swing begins from the ground up, right? I live, work and play out of the great state of New York in the upper Hudson Valley region where most NYC folks call "upstate". Two hours north of the city and five minutes from my house is a unique and challenging public golf course called Copake Country Club where I am a member of and currently play mos
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