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  2. Always liked Martin's instruction videos, and own a tour stricker iron. Devan Singh, 47 Copake, NY Everything 125 yards and in, including pitching, chipping, putting is usually what does me in.
  3. Stage 1 Hello everybody! First off thank you MyGolfSpy for giving me the opportunity to test out Cleveland's new RTX-3 wedges. I own a previous model of Cleveand wegdes of which I have been playing for about 8 years so having the chance to work with this new generation of wedges is very timely. My Story: I started playing the game later in life in my mid-30's. Before then I never picked up a club or went to a golf course before, however I was a fan of the sport and always watched golf on TV whenever I could. We could thank someone with the initials TW for that. I recall fondly nearly every sunday afternoon my infant daughter sleeping on my chest with a golf tournament on in the background. But it was'nt until 4 or 5 years after she was born that I started playing the game. It all started with a work related 1st inaugural scramble event for the members of an industry association that I belonged to that was played in Utica, NY one cold and rainy day. But as many of you have experienced, for whatever reason I got the golf bug that day and was hooked from then on. Here it is 8 years later and my passion for the game is stronger than ever. I guess it's the aspect and challenge to always improve that I love most about the game but I must confess I love all the gear that comes with it too. What region do you play out of? I live in the upstate NY region and I'm a member of and play at Copake Country Club about an hour south of Albany NY. My Game: I am about a 14 handicap currently and score in the low to mid 90's on a good day. It's those one or two blow up holes that usually hurt my round of golf so I would say being consistent is a weakness of my game. That being said, I would say patience is the strength of my game as I really don't get to bent out of shape over a bad shot or two. My ball flight is typically mid-high with a little fade. If I miss it will be to the right. My tempo is a bit quick. My current driver speed is in the 95 mph range. My Bag: I have a mixed bag right now and play a Nike covert driver, Cleveland Mashie 2I hybrid, Mizuno forged JPX-EZ 4-PW irons (2014 versions), Mizuno S5 60 deg and 56 deg wedges which I just started playing this year and an Odyssey White Hot blade putter with a Fatso 5.0 grip. Wedge Play and Short Game: My wedge game is strong on the full swing shots. I can always count on the distance and accuracy when making a full swing. It is the half pitch shots and chipping that I have trouble with the most and I'm not very accurate. Sand game is good and improving. What I'm hoping to get out of the Cleveland wedges is first maintaining an accurate full shot wedge game and maybe gain some distance. I'm also hoping to get my short shots to bite a little more on the green and get closer to the hole with Cleveland's RTX grooving and milled face. And finally I'm hoping that I could get through the turf a little more with their V shaped sole and bounce.
  4. Quasi DeChambeau topic but would like to hear some thoughts about having all wedges in your bag the same length. Or at least 2-3 wedges. Personally this year I've been playing all the same length from 60 deg to Gap, Mizuno S5 wedges. My PW is longer. This way my swing "feels" the same. Sometimes I choke down. But I can't imagine the benefit for example of having a 60 deg wedge 1/4" shorter than a 56 deg. The reason I'm asking I'm also reviewing some wedges for MGS which are all same length and I may incorporate some comparisons with clubs of different lengths.
  5. I just picked me up a pair of Plantronics Back Beat Go 2 wireless earbuds. Primarily so I can drive hands free but I also wanted something lite so I can try it out for a round when I play by myself. So far they are comfortable, they fit my ear (and come with different size ear buds) and most importantly they stay in and don't fall out or feel like they are in the way. I'm not too concerned with sound quality but to me sound is clear enough. Battery last about 4-5 hours, perfect for the average 18 holes. What are you guys using? If not, have you considered adding earbuds to the bag?
  6. Thank you MGS !! I can't wait to try these out and review.
  7. Devan NY 14 Mizuno S5 60*, 56*, Mizuno JPX-EZ forged GW 50*
  8. Lately there has been a rash of online news and videos of guys duking it out or getting stabbed on the golf course for slow play. Just today I read some woman ran over a military vet with a golf cart and fractured his leg for playing music on the course. It's getting scary out there guys, be careful and show some courtesy its just a game.
  9. Jlukes: Pumas's Ignite Spikeless (Not the Sport version I reviewed) offers a two-year water-proof warranty. My current golf shoes offers a two year warranty. I think two year warranty is standard for most. And they DO advertise "Stability, Fit and Flexibilty" on their website……….http://www.cobragolf.com/pumagolf/ignite-spikeless-sport I agree with you there are other golf shoes that offer stability and if that is what you need over movement and comfort then the Sport version is not for you.
  10. Thanks for the great reviews everyone. I will now definately try the driver and FW's now to compliment and complete my bag along with my JPX-EZ irons and Mizuno wedges!
  11. Stage 2 Reserved Puma Ignite Spikeless Sport Review Ok, I walked a few rounds with these kicks on and have enough feedback to give you guys a review. Performance Comfort First of let me say this, they are very, very comfortable right out of the box. There's no break in period needed, just slip them on (more on that later) and go play a round or two. Traction Being that this is my very first pair of "spikeless" shoes that I have ever tried on I will say I was very surprised by the traction these shoes offer. Wet grass, off the tee, uphill, downhill lies, swinging as fast and hard as you can and full driver swings, you name it I don't think my foot slipped once. Now granted foot action and swings speeds are different for everyone but for me the traction was more than satisfactory. However I do wonder if I chose to wear these on and off the course for non-golfing activities, How long will that traction last due to the sole's lugs wearing down significantly? So basically they are "throw aways" with no option to buy a new set of replacement spikes to extend the life of the shoes soles like you would have with a more traditional pair of golf shoes. That may be an issue for some given the street price. 18 hole comfort Again, these are very comfortable shoes. I was pleasantly surprised during the round that I did not notice any pain or discomfort. At times it felt like I hardly had any shoes on at all. But as the case when I walk 18 with my other golf shoes, by the 15th or 16th holes my legs, ankles and arches begin to let me know with subtle aches it is time for a break. No big deal though, it's not like I could not finish the round. More likely the cause for the discomfort is because I'm getting old and maybe slightly out of shape. I will add that these could be excellent for 9-hole rounds or range sessions. It was also nice putting the shoes on prior to going to the range or golf course without changing shoes in the locker room or parking lot and wearing them off the course afterwards. Performance Notes: These shoes perform well, they should provide the comfort and traction needed for the avid golfer, the weekend hacker, and the serious/scratch player. Compared to my Nike TW' 13's in comfort and traction they will do just fine. But I feel where the Puma Ignite golf shoes short-comings are is also from the fact that they are comfortable, maybe too comfortable. While the multi-direction stretchable uppers offer the feet comfort through movement, they don't offer enough support that I feel a golf shoe should have. In other words, I did not like the feeling of my foot moving around within the shoe even though traction was solid. I would do away with the 4-way stretchable performance mesh. The shoes also touts a hybrid bootie construction, this allowed me to slip on and off the shoes much like a pair of slippers. There is a large heel tab in the back of the shoe of which helps with this. No need to keep tying and untying the laces the shoes are so flexible that your foot can slide right in and out when putting them and taking them off. Course score : 35 out of 50 Subjective Looks and Durability These shoes look really sharp. I especially like the leather saddle area and the way the uppers contrasts with the ignite Foam soles. I also liked the discreet cat logo instead of the name PUMA blasted across the shoe. The shoes are waterproof as described. I walked in the morning when the course was still wet from overnight dew and the morning watering of the fairways and greens. My feet did not get wet or feel damp at all. I'm not sure if the 1-year waterproof warranty is enough for me though, basically it sounds like the shoes are good for one-season only. They do show dirt and not easy to clean off, especially the mesh uppers. Looks Score: 25 out of 30 Likelihood of Purchase I most likely would not purchase these shoes for golfing. They run big. They are too flexible and I don't think that is good for a stable feeling in the swing. At times I was even able to feel the indentations, contours or old divots in the soles of my foot which felt weird, might as well have been barefooted. Also In my opinion they don't offer enough protection for the toes. LOP score: 5 out of 20 Summary Overall these shoes are very comfortable and for a spikeless shoe offer really good traction. They are awesome looking and stylish and the best thing about the shoes is that they can be worn on and off the course. However they are very flexible and perhaps allow the feet to have too much movement in the golf swing. I'm not sure if I liked that about them. I think a good golf shoe should be comfortable, have good traction, and waterproof, but they should also have great stability and support qualities as well. Otherwise what is the difference between "golf shoes" and "sneakers or booties"? I commend Puma for making a hybrid golf shoe with the Ignite Spikeless Sport's that is in between being too stiff but not quite a regular pair of sneakers either. Sadly, I've seen guys wear sandals and flip-flops on the course and I get it most golf shoes are not very comfortable, these may be a great choice for those guys. And perhaps with a few tweaks, fit and size adjustments I may give these a second look sometime but right now I need more structure and support. Total Score: 65 out of 100
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