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  1. Maybe they compiled your prizes from your recent internet searches....
  2. I just lost a prov1 ive played last 4 rounds....it had some wear on it but we were just getting to know eachother!
  3. Paul, Hosel rockets! Try scooting the ball placement forward even with your shirt logo or left nipple if you dont already....next very slightly close the club face a twinge....now focus on taking your club away in one solid triangle...focus on striking ball first while keeping triangle in tact....FYI youll need to start aiming 5-10 yards right after about 20 practices.....good luck.....
  4. Its 504 am. My tee time is at 9am. Im up cleaning my sticks, organized my bag and already golfed the front 9 in my head. Ive played this course so many times I could tell you the break ill have on the 3rd green ( im always back left with a 12-20 footer for birdie or par depending if I hacked my 5wood or flushed it) 3 cups outside right and try leaving it 2 feet past and ill flirt with the cup all day....I dont get this way for work, parties, dates with the wife,church,dinners,weddings,a day at Miller Park or even heading to Lambeau field to watch the Packers crush the Bears...AGAIN. Nope only christmas morning comes close to the rush of preparing for a round.....LOVE THIS DAMN GAME!
  5. Remember your first time on a course? My 6 and 7 year olds tee up today for 3 holes in their junior program. Ahh summer days if only to be a kid again.......
  6. I like the wizard of Oz..... I like the Tin man.....
  7. Contact the course first. If your not a usga member. If usga member contact them. Voulanteers pay 175 to work. You get 3 days off work out of 7 but have free admission all 7 days. Jobs go from greeting, ranger, ball marker, hospitality, player transport, merchandise sales etc.
  8. Your just more critical of your misses now. When you reach that 6 index area youve obviously been grinding hard. Now a missed wedge or miss aligned putt seems worse because your more focused. I considered myself a great putter until i hit a 7 index....then every missed birdie or par really burns in the memory....as for your irons put tape on the sole of the club and swing on a hitting mat. ..where ever the streak is will tell you if your flat or upright. My personal opinion is check your grips....you may need a med to large grip or a couple extra wraps under a standard....it helps prevent over active hands...or least calm them down....
  9. Book called...Danny Mo...about a father son golf relationship based on a true story here in wisconsin....
  10. Trump gets reactions no matter the forum ..
  11. Hitting a course before its known is like an exclusive invitation to your own rock concert. Next year Wisconsin will bring in the 2017 us open to Erin Hills. Meanwhile a 2 hour drive north to the newest mecca....Sand Valley. If you come for the Open...make it up there or regret it!!
  12. I always eat a PB&J between holes 4 and 5....then a power bar at the turn. Pre round my only superstition is that my clubs are shiny as the day they were forged before I go to bed the night before.....
  13. All i read into your story was you bombed a drive on that par 4 400yard hole . But double bogeyed. Maybe skip the course and work at the range...no slow play there.
  14. Kenny B, I too have that mythical unicorn! This story is one of my favorite caddie set up jokes. Use it when your group is waiting on a tee box and put yourself in as the caddie. Ps Hey Dhuck its a joke! I hope the ladies think its funny. Hell replace the women with the man in the story if it makes you more comfortable...i forget the sensitivity of some.
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