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  1. Adam Ontario 3.5 hdcp My current set is Taylormade Tour Issue R9 TP "b" stamp 3-PW My biggest strength is that I hit them straight. My biggest weakness is distance control.
  2. I have thought about possibly leaving the face untouched and then plasti-dip'n the face, that way I could peel and re-apply as needed. I've emailed a local gun shop to see what they charge for the duracoat process. Duracoat makes a beautiful crimson color very similar to Jason Day's spider S limited. If it's not too expensive I may go that route.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I actually was going to take it to have it professionally done if I was going to powdercoat. Painting is something I'd be willing to try on my own as it's easy enough to just remove the paint. I'll definitely look into the duracoat! Thanks for the input!
  4. So do you just wait around to troll people looking to do diy projects or are you an a****** all the time? If you're going to answer, at least know what you're talking about. If you want to paint something correctly, you need to prime, add at least 2 coats of paint, and a coat or 2 of clear, unless you want the paint to chip. 5-6 coats of primer/paint/clear could absolutely make a difference when you're talking degrees or parts of a degree. Powdercoat is thicker than paint so it too could make a difference. Which is why I asked for input from people with experience. You really added 0 value to
  5. The best player in the world uses a red putter, he must be real worried. My whole bag has a red theme and I just want to make my putter match. Have a look at these putters and you'll understand the look I'm going for. http://www.perfectlypaintedputters.com/
  6. Hey guys and girls, I have a Scotty Cameron red x3. I want to make the whole putter red. Does anyone have experience with painting a putter including the face? Basically I'm worried that it will throw off the loft of the putter and/or make the face uneven and cause putts to roll offline. I'm also considering powdercoating it. Any info and experience you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks MacKie
  7. Is there any worry that the powder coat will make the putter face uneven or mess with the loft of the putter? I'm thinking about having my Scotty Red X3 powder coated, but this really worries me.
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